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Association Outreach Committee

Purpose: The Association Outreach Committee’s purpose is to identify and implement opportunities for USBC to provide the network of volunteer leaders serving the USBC membership the necessary support, training and mentoring to promote success at all levels of the organization.

Committee members: Karl Kielich (chair), Tamoria Adams, Ray Baty, Anthony Colangelo, Libbi Fletcher, Karen Jost, Steve O'Brien, Mike Spridco (staff liaison).

Audit Committee

Purpose: To ensure all financial matters of the organization are conducted legally, ethically, and in accordance with proper accounting rules. This committee is independent of the Finance Committee and will give the Board assurance that audited financial statements are accurate and comprehensive and reduce any possible conflicts of interest between outside auditors and paid staff of USBC.

Committee members: Jeff Boje (chair), Prerry Daniels, Tom Martino, Steve O’Brien, Joe Spain.

Awards and Recognition Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Awards and Recognition Committee is to provide oversight and direction for the USBC Membership Achievement Awards program and to select and recognize outstanding service in awarding the following USBC National Recognition Awards:  Proprietor of the Year, Joyce Deitch Unity Award; Helen Baker Outstanding Association Service.

Committee members: Karen Jost (chair), Perry Daniels, Erik Galganski, Kelly Kulick, Steve O'Brien, Jan Schmidt, Marci Williams, Jason Overstreet (staff liaison)

BVL Committee

Purpose: Serves as the liaison to the Bowlers to Veterans Link.

Committee members: Darlene Baker (chair), Libbi Fletcher, Marci Williams

Diversity Committee

Purpose: USBC leadership and staff is committed to improving existing and forging new relationships to remove any perceived barriers to the sport, and to bring diversity to all phases of the organization.

Committee members: Libbi Fletcher (chair), Ray Baty, Dan Patterson, Eric Kearney (staff liaison)

Equipment Specifications Committee

Purpose: In concert with the USBC Strategic Planning Committee, this committee shall proactively maintain and protect the integrity of the sport. The committee shall make final decisions regarding all equipment on which USBC approval is requested, and shall set policies and procedures regarding equipment, specifications and all activities associated with regulating bowling center certificates.

Committee members: Tony Manna (chair), Mike Fagan, Kelly Kulick, Mark Martin, Dan Patterson, Gary Schenk, Scott Sterbenz, Neil Stremmel (staff liaison)

Executive Director Review Committee

Purpose: To carry out the Board of Directors’ overall responsibility relating to executive compensation.

Committee members: Tom Bluth (chair), Darlene Baker, Karen Jost, Frank Wilkinson, Marci Williams

Finance Committee

Purpose: To ensure the appropriate financial structure is in place to support the overall organization needs and strategic direction of the USBC and its subsidiaries.

Committee members: Tom Bluth (chair), Darlene Baker, Cathy DeSocio, Mike Fagan, Mark Martin, Dan Patterson, Robert Spigner

Hall of Fame Committee

Purpose: Dedicated to recognizing the outstanding bowlers and bowling contributors. Individuals will be recognized in the following categories: Superior Performance, Outstanding USBC Performance, Meritorious Service, and Pioneer.

Committee members: Fran Deken (chair), Mike Aulby, Jo Dimond, Anne Marie Duggan, Bob Johnson, Tony Manna, Gianmarc Manzione, Mark Martin, Virginia Norton, Jeff Richgels, Bill Spigner, Kim Terrell-Kearney, Lyle Zikes, Eric Kearney (staff liaison)

Legal and Legislative Committee

Purpose: Reviews proposed legislation, discusses items submitted by staff, other committees and, if needed, may propose legislation or work with another committee to propose necessary legislation. Responsible for ensuring due process for members and athletes and to maintaining the integrity of the sport of bowling.

Committee members: Tamoria Adams (chair), Anthony Colangelo, Jo Dimond, Mike Fagan, Michael Italia, Kelly Kulick, Mark Martin, Marci Williams, Mike Spridco (staff liaison)

National Policy Committee

Purpose: To maintain approved policies and when needed to make recommendations to the Board.

Committee members: Mark Martin (chair), Tamoria Adams, Anthony Colangelo, Jo Dimond, Mike Fagan, Michael Italia, Kelly Kulick, Marci Williams, Mike Spridco (staff liaison)

Nominating Committee

Purpose: Prepares the slate for Board of Directors elections and selects the slate of Youth Committee members for Board approval.

Committee members: Darlene Baker (chair), Anthony Colangelo, Libbi Fletcher, Michael Italia, Tony Manna, Dan Patterson, Frank Wilkinson

Strategic Planning Committee

Purpose: To create the strategic plan (vision, mission, values, etc.) for Board review and adoption; manage plan implementation and regularly report progress to Board. To monitor, evaluate and refine the USBC Strategic Plan and ensure its continuation by creating additional plan(s) using input, tools and resources. Further concerns are to measure USBC’s current standings, further identify USBC’s needs for a productive future and develop a timeline to meet those needs.

Committee members: Robert Spigner (chair), Darlene Baker, Cathy DeSocio, Libbi Fletcher, Steve O’Brien, Dan Patterson, Jan Schmidt, Frank Wilkinson

IBC Youth Committee

Purpose: Monitors and promotes youth programs. It makes recommendations regarding youth-specific benefits and events, youth leader programs, and elects the three Youth representatives to the USBC Board. This committee also presents recommended youth-related rule and bylaw changes to the USBC Board.

Committee members: Frank Wilkinson (chair), Ray Baty, Brent Bowers, Vicki Bowman, Sandra Clement, Melanie Coleman, Cera Dailey, Erik Galganski, Debra Haggerty, Mike Hillman, Melissa Morrow, Rick Pittser, Kevin Russell Jr., Conner Sarich, Dominick Savage, John Sommer, Kim Stanek Sims, Chad Murphy (staff liaison)



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