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In addition to setting and enforcing specifications for bowling equipment, the team also helps uphold the credibility of the sport and makes competition fair by inspecting lane beds in bowling centers to ensure that they meet USBC standards.

USBC local association officials visit bowling centers in their areas annually and use a variety of tools and instruments to perform a physical inspection of the lanes and their adjacent components such as the channels, channel depths, pin spots, and pin deck. Center inspections may begin April 1 and must be completed by Aug. 31.

USBC rules state that bowling centers must renew their certification by Sept. 1 to host any USBC certified competition for that season.

Associations also perform random inspections of the oil applied to lanes in bowling centers to ensure that they meet USBC guidelines for oil application. Sometimes referred to as conditioner, lane oil protects the lane surface and affects the difficulty level of the sport. Lane oil inspections ensure playing field uniformity per USBC guidelines so that USBC league bowlers in Maine are competing on lanes in the same shape as bowlers in California.


USBC has developed this Internet-based training program for lane certification and inspection. Learning how to do inspections has never been easier.

CLIP capitalizes on technology to upgrade the old Certified Lane Inspectors Workshops. It provides individuals with proof they are trained in certification and lane dressing inspection and gives current inspectors who did not complete the old training a way to obtain a card/certificate. All in a way that attracts new and younger individuals and trains them to inspect.

By clicking the links to the left, you can access the Lane Inspector Manual and take the inspector exam. Bowl.com also provides additional services such as the latest news on lane inspection and certification and a discussion forum so you can share information and experiences with other inspectors.

This training program is designed to give individuals a way to document the completion of lane inspection training.

Please note that the training program will not "certify" and/or provide a number to those individuals that successfully completethe program. However, individuals that pass the exam will receive a certificate and a card.

Upon completion of the CLIP, we recommend that you contact your local bowling association. The local association will be able to provide the hands on training that will assist you in becoming a fully qualified lane inspector.

The local association can issue credentials stating that an individual is qualified to perform certification and/or lane dressing inspections for the association.

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