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rwb_blueUSBC Blue pattern is designed to provide the greatest level of challenge as the application of oil is crowned the least of all three. Of the three patterns, the Blue pattern will yield the lowest scoring pace.


As with the Red and the White pattern, the Blue pattern is also offered in three different versions to meet the needs of different centers with a variety of lane surfaces and other factors. Click on image to enlarge.



Kosi PDF        Kosi Text        AMF        Brunswick
Roller       Roller       Blue 1 (AMF)       Blue 1 (A22)
Blue 1 Roller   Blue 1 Roller   Blue 2 (AMF)   Blue 2 (A22)
Blue 2 Roller   Blue 2 Roller   Blue 3 (AMF)   Blue 3 (A22)      
Blue 3 Roller   Blue 3 Roller        
Brush   Brush        
Blue 1 Brush   Blue 1 Brush        
Blue 2 Brush   Blue 2 Brush        
Blue 3 Brush   Blue 3 Brush        


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