Open Championships Brackets

The USBC Open Championships experience is a lot more than nine games of team, doubles and singles competition. It's a multi-event extravaganza that provides participants with a number of optional side events to fulfill competitive urges and expand opportunities to win additional prize money. All products are scratch.


Brackets are quite simple: each "bracket" includes eight randomly-selected bowlers on your squad during team, doubles and/or singles events. You need to bowl a higher game than the bowler you are paired against to advance out of each round. If you win all three matches, you win your bracket.

During team, doubles and singles, there are $5 and $10 brackets. First prize in the $10 brackets is $50, and second place pays $20; first prize in the $5 brackets is $25 and second place pays $10. In addition to regular brackets, there are special brackets for senior bowlers age 50 and older. A bowler may enter a maximum of 80 brackets.

By popular demand, there now will be $5 individual brackets for Classified bowlers during team, doubles and singles. Eligible bowlers may enter up to 40 per event.


Reverse Brackets work like traditional brackets, but instead of using your scores in order (Game 1, Game 2 and Game 3), they are used in reverse order (Game 3, Game 2, Game 1). Reverse Brackets cost $5, and the maximum number of Reverse Brackets you may enter is 80 per event.

There also are Senior Reverse Brackets for bowlers 50 and older the day they compete. Senior Reverse Brackets will be limited to 80. There are Classified Reverse Brackets during team only. The cost is $5, and the max you may enter is 40.

New for 2016, Super Senior Reverse Brackets allow competitors age 60 and older (on day of competition) to get in on the action, too. These will be available during team event only, and the max you may enter is 20. 


For $10 during the team event only, the Second Chance Brackets are similar to regular brackets but four of the eight bowlers will have a chance to at least win back their entry fee. Bowlers may enter 40 Second Chance Brackets.

Bowlers who lose the first game will advance to a losers' bracket. Bowlers who lose again will be eliminated. Bowlers whose first loss comes in the second game will advance to a second sub-bracket. The bowler who loses again will be eliminated.

The person who makes it through the initial bracket undefeated will win $30. Two wins and a loss in the final will earn the bowler $20. A win in the first game, followed by a loss in the second and a win in the third will earn the bowler $15. The winner of the initial losers' bracket will earn $10.



Super Brackets allow bowlers to compete in side events that last more than just the traditional three games. Bowlers randomly are matched shortly after the USBC Open Championships concludes. Super Brackets are offered for individual bowlers only.

For 2016, there will be two kinds of Super Brackets - $5K Super Brackets and $2K Super Brackets - with the $2K option being available for bowlers of all skill levels. The individual Super Brackets include 512 bowlers, and include all nine games.

Entries into the individual $5K Super Brackets will be $25, with a top prize of $5,000 in each. Bowlers may enter up to 10 individual $5K Super Brackets. Entries into the $2K Super Brackets will be $10, with a top prize of $2,000. Bowlers may enter up to 20 individual $2K Super Brackets.

Players 50 and older can enter individual 50+ Super Brackets for $10 each. Seniors may enter up to 20 of these brackets, which feature a $2,000 top prize.

The 60+ Super Brackets are available to bowlers who are 60 or older on their first day of competition, while Classified Super Brackets are open to those with entering averages of 180 and below. The entry fee for both products is $10. Competitors can enter up to 20 of each, which pay a top prize of $2,000.


With an entry fee of $20, Century Doubles pairs two bowlers who are a combined 100 years or older on their day of competition. Bowlers may only enter with other competitors on their squad (up to five partners) in this tournament-long event. For example, a bowler who is 35 years old must find a bowler on his/her squad who is 65 or older in order to enter his event and vice versa.

Bowlers will use their combined doubles scores to determine the winner at the end of the tournament’s run.

Prize money goes to the bowler who signs up the pair, but the two bowlers can enter with each other and share the place in the standings. For example, Joe Bowler can sign up with Jim Bowler, and Jim Bowler can then pay his own $20 to sign up with Joe Bowler.


This exciting product returns just for our senior bowlers (age 50 and older on day of competition). For $25, bowlers will be entered into two special senior-only prize funds (singles and all-events). Both divisions will feature a 1:4 cash ratio. Singles and all-events totals from the main tournament will be used for this product.


The Ultimate Mulligan requires entrants to compile their three highest games of the 2016 tournament to arrive at their Ultimate Mulligan series score. Then, they will see how their three-game set holds up for the duration of the tournament. The Ultimate Mulligan features a prize-fund-style payout with a cash ratio of 1:4. The entry fee is $20.

There is one version of the Ultimate Mulligan for our super seniors (bowlers age 60 and older the day they compete) and one for Classified bowlers.


The Survivor-Mini-Eliminator product at the Open Championships is designed to appeal to bowlers of all skill levels. It is available to Regular, Senior (50+), Super Senior (60+) and Classified (180 and below) bowlers during doubles and singles only.

As a yearlong product, each Survivor-Mini-Eliminator will include 16 bowlers randomly assigned once the tournament comes to a close in July. The cost will be $10 per Eliminator, and you are allowed to enter 10 in each category you are eligible.

The Survivor-Mini-Eliminator uses the second and third games from both doubles and singles, giving participants one game in each event to get comfortable.

After Game 2 of doubles, the top 12 bowlers will survive based on their Game 2 scores, while the bottom four bowlers are eliminated. Scores from Game 3 of doubles will determine the eight bowlers who advance to the third round. Four more bowlers will be eliminated after the third game of doubles.

Eight bowlers will advance to the singles portion of the Survivor-Mini-Eliminator, but only four will cash. First place will earn $60, second place will get $40, third place will take home $25 and fourth place will win $20.

Scores from Game 2 of singles will rank the bowlers once again. The top four will advance to the Survivor-Mini-Eliminator finals, and the bottom four will be eliminated. Total pinfall from Game 3 of singles will determine the final ranking for the four cashers. Payout will be made with tournament prize checks.  


The 1-5-9 and 3-6-10 Strike Jackpots feature a $10 entry fee, which puts bowlers in the jackpot for all three events (team, doubles and singles). Bowlers who record strikes in the first, fifth and ninth frames (or the third, sixth and first shot in the 10th frame for the 3-6-10 Jackpot) of all three games in an event will split the accumulated total at the end of the tournament. Last year, 36 winners earned $1,044 for hitting the 1-5-9 Jackpot, and 40 winners took home $944 in the 3-6-10 Jackpot.

Additionally, bowlers who hit eight of nine strikes in will share 10 percent of the jackpots. So even if you miss in the first shot of the first game, you still have a chance to cash.


The Super Side Pots are a modern version of the traditional side pots that reward you for being the best on your squad. There’s also a built-in bonus feature that allows you to cash in for a share of the yearlong jackpot.

For a $25 entry fee for each event (team, doubles and singles), players are entered into traditional side pots during each squad ($15 from each entry), along with a yearlong high game jackpot ($4 from each entry).
Beat the bowlers on your squad and take home your prize money that day. Then see how your scores hold up in the yearlong jackpot. The yearlong jackpot will feature a prize fund-style payout, and the cash ratio will be 1:10.

For example, the Super Side Pot entrant with the highest overall score (and all bowlers who match that score), will finish in first place and receive equal shares of the jackpot. If there are 1,000 people entered, the top 100 each will receive prize money.

If you enter the Super Side Pots, you have nine chances at the squad prizes and nine opportunities to earn a share of the yearlong jackpots. There will be a separate yearlong prize fund for each event.


The 30 Clean Jackpot offers participants three chances to earn a share of a tournament-long jackpot for a $10 entry fee.

Each bowler will have three chances – team, double, singles – to record 30 consecutive frames with a strike or spare. If a bowler is successful in any of the three or, for that matter, all three, he/she will share in the end-of-tournament payoff. Last year, the 30 Clean Jackpot was hit 222 times for $207.
Each 30 Clean qualifier will receive a special award to commemorate the achievement. Out of each 30 Clean Jackpot entry fee, $1.50 will be donated to the USBC Charitable Giving Program.

Enter the 1-5-9, 30 Clean and 3-6-10 Strike Jackpots all at one time with this great new option. Just sign up prior to your first event, and you’ll be entered in all three jackpots for all three events (team, doubles, singles). The cost for the Jackpot Trio is $25.  



Open Championships bowlers are encouraged to use their nine-game all-events totals as qualifying scores to earn paid entries into the USBC Team USA Trials, an event that gives bowlers a chance to be on Team USA. For a $35 entry fee, one out of every 10 entrants earns a paid Team USA Trials entry. USBC donates $1 from each all-events entry fee to support the Team USA program. Bowlers can register when they sign up for brackets before team event. The Team USA Trials traditionally is held in January.

All same-day payouts will be made at the Sands Regency Casino Hotel.

Please note: Unless and until claimed, all bracket earnings are the property of USBC. Claims for bracket earnings of $10 or less must be made at the payout window within 72 hours or such claims are forfeited.

Also, in order to participate in any side event that requires scores from all nine games, specifically Super Brackets and Team USA qualifying, bowlers must bowl team event before doubles and singles and must sign up prior to throwing their first ball.