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What is the purpose of the Red, White and Blue program?
The purpose of the Red, White and Blue program (RWB) is to be an educational tool as it helps show the relationship of lane conditions to scoring. Additionally, there is, in many cases, a large gap between house conditions and Sport conditions. RWB is designed to help players work up to the challenge of Sport Bowling.


What are the differences in the patterns?
It is important to note that there will be different versions of all three Red White and Blue patterns to accommodate the different lane surfaces and bowling center needs. But, in a nutshell, the Red pattern will resemble conditions found in today’s typical league environment. There is a much higher volume of oil in the middle of the lane as compared with the outside. The White pattern will be slightly more challenging than the Red pattern with a little more oil placed to the outer portion of the lane. And the Blue pattern will be flatter overall and the most challenging of the three “colored” patterns.


Will we see these patterns in different USBC tournaments?
Yes. RWB is being tested at various local and state association tournaments through the spring of 2010. While the program is currently designed to be optional for proprietor and associations, bowlers may see only White or Blue patterns at city and state tournaments in the future. If implemented, this would provide a logical progression of challenge from local to state to national competition. So, tell your local or state association that you would like to see a White or Blue pattern at your next tournament!


Is this program designed to replace or compete with Sport Bowling?
No. RWB patterns are NOT Sport-compliant and are more forgiving than those used in Sport Bowling. RWB is designed to be a stepping stone from the typical house shot used in many leagues to the more demanding and challenging conditions found in Sport leagues. Since the introduction of Sport Bowling, the challenge of demanding lane conditions has been more easily recognized by the average USBC member. Many have been asking for help to improve their games and make them competitive in a Sport environment. RWB is designed to be that stepping stone to prepare for competitive Team USA Experience leagues and our biggest stage in amateur bowling: the USBC Open Championships.


Does it cost the proprietor anything to participate?
No. Once the testing phase is complete, the patterns will be available for download on bowl.com free of charge. Proprietors will be able to sort through a few different options for each of the three categories: Red, White and Blue. These options will help those who have needs based on their topography or lane surface, allowing the proprietor to see the results expected from each pattern.


Does it cost the bowler anything to participate?
No, but it does require that the bowling center participate in order for the bowler to have the opportunity to try out these new oil patterns. So we would encourage bowlers to let their bowling center manager know that they are interested in bowling on USBC’s new RWB.


If I shoot an honor score, will there be separate awards from standard certified competition?
No. All play certified under RWB will be treated the same as that bowled on any other certified house pattern. There must be a minimum amount of oil at the end of the oil pattern for USBC to certify a bowling center each year. As long as the center is currently certified for that particular season, all scores bowled in that center will be approved. For a bowler to receive other special awards, like a crystal pin, one must do so in a certified Sport Bowling event.


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