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The USBC Officer Certification Program teaches current and future league officers the responsibilities of an officer position. In order to become a certified officer, a member first must go through the instructional course and then pass the exam. Officer training currently is available for league secretaries, treasurers and league presidents.

Prior to taking an officer course, all members will have to take our Basic Bowling Course and pass the exam.

A one-time $25 registration fee is required. Once paid, members will be able to take any course.

Basic Bowling Knowledge
What are the parts of a lane? When should a provisional ball be used? How do you score the game of bowling? All of these questions and more will be answered once you go through our Basic Bowling Knowledge Course. This course is a prerequisite to any league officer course.
League Secretary
Prerequisite: Basic Bowling Knowledge
Are you a first-time league secretary or a seasoned veteran looking to enhance your skills? Our League Secretary Training Course is what you are looking for.
This course takes you through the responsibilities of the league secretary from the organizational meeting all the way through prize distribution.
League Treasurer
Prerequisite: Basic Bowling Knowledge
The league treasurer is an important office because he or she is responsible for the league's money. Find out what you can do to safeguard the funds and all the other responsibilities a league treasurer has.
League President
Prerequisite: Basic Bowling Knowledge
The league president is more than just a figure head of the league.He or she has the responsibility to help safeguard the funds along with other important duties. This course will show you what those duties are and how to perform them.

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