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Job Description:



Eligibility Requirements:

All athletes/nominees must adhere to the following requirements prior to applying for the position:

o Must have represented the USA in Olympic, Pan American, WTBA World or American Zone 

        Championships or other Major International competition.  

o Representation must have occurred within the preceding ten (10) years.


For more information on the AAC, please see the following URL from USOC:  http://usathlete.org



The USBC AAC term is for 4 years.  

Must be able to devote time and have wiliness to see the job through.

Will be elected by athletes.

USBC AAC meets approximately 1-2 times a year, at various locations around the country 

        (typically in Arlington).

USBC AAC meetings typically start after a USBC Board meeting. 

        For the 4 Athlete Representatives.  All expenses are paid by USBC.

USOC AAC meets approximately 3-4 times a year, at various locations 

        around the country this is only for the USOC AAC Rep or Alternate.

USOC AAC meetings typically start first thing Saturday morning and end by noon on Sunday. 

        All expenses are paid by USOC.

In addition to the AAC, there are other USOC committees that you can serve on, 

        you can also run for the board of directors.

         o These meeting are held on weekends and the number of times they meet 

                depends on the committee.

It is expected that the representative member take notes at USOC meeting, report back to

        the athletes, informing them of any new procedures or concerns.





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