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Youth Education Services (YES Fund)
The YES Fund is dedicated to the development of youth bowling. Our future is now and the partnerships already created have united the bowling industry in a single cause—the betterment of youth bowling. The YES Fund is a united effort by industry leaders in the sport, initiated by the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America and the United States Bowling Congress, dedicated to youth bowling development and marketing.

The YES effort is open to anyone interested in becoming involved in youth bowling – companies and organizations involved in youth sports, members of the bowling industry, bowling center proprietors and individuals. For more information, please contact Chad Murphy, IBC Youth Development Managing Director, at

JessicaAbel_75x100Jessica Abel
Youth Development Specialist

ZachBarton_75x100Zach Barton
USA Bowling Brand Manager

GaryBrown_75x100Gary Brown
Director Collegiate/Youth Tournaments

SeanClancy_75x100Sean Clancy
Bowling Foundation Coordinator/ Bowler's Ed Brand Manager

AmandaCortese_75x100Amanda Cortese
Youth Development Specialist

VickieDennis_75x100 Vickie Dennis
 Youth Tournament Coordinator

CindyEagle_75x100Cindy Eagle
Youth Administrative Coordinator

BrianEnglish_75x100Brian English
Varsity Bowling Manager/Youth Development Specialist

JoeyJewell_75x100 Joey Jewell
 Youth Development Sales Manager

Chad Murphy
Youth Development Managing Director

GarySchmit_75x100Gary Schmit
Youth Tournament Manager/Membership Program Manager

ElizabethSienicki_75x100Elizabeth Sienicki
Director of Youth Marketing/Projects

MelissaWhitaker_75x100Melissa Whitaker
Junior Graphic Designer

HeatherWhitney_75x100Heather Whitney
Youth Marketing Sales Coordinator

GeoffreyYoung_75x100Geoffrey Young
Youth Development Specialist