Bowler’s Ed Specialists are volunteers in the field who are highly experienced with the Bowler’s Ed program. The volunteers have a range of experience, from retired physical education teachers to those with extensive bowling backgrounds.

Many of them have worked in bowling centers and/or currently are contracted by Bowling Proprietor State Associations to service the bowling centers in their states to support the implementation and development of Bowler’s Ed.

If you are looking for advice or assistance in growing the sport in your community by utilizing the Bowler’s Ed program, please reach out to a Bowler’s Ed Specialist for help. Regardless of where you are located, a Bowler’s Ed Specialist can help out.


Bob Daman –
Jarell Corley -
Lori Klein-Blazek -

Paul Dhyse –

Phil Goodman –, 248.210.3953

Luis Benavides –, 972.979.1613

Bob Rea –, 800.767.2695 (800-SOS-BOWL) or 425.776.8819
Lonny Olson –, 507.210.1432

Don Hildebrand -, 414.351.4179
Krista Hildebrand -