Continuing with the 2019-2020 bowling season, a new initiative was launched to provide a free Bowlopolis upgrade kit to youth bowlers who are age 8 and under (prior to Aug. 1, 2019).
Providing this kit at no cost is an investment in this segment of bowling to help ensure more youth continue bowling year after year. It is very important for youth processors to submit youth memberships (especially for kids qualifying/purchasing this kit) as soon as possible so the youth bowlers receive it within the first few weeks of league.

Once everyone receives their kit, allow them to open it together like unwrapping a present. Then, walk them and their parents through the materials, the purpose, and how you have decided to customize the league.

As you will see, we’ve been working hard to deliver you the tools to enhance the experience of your youngest bowlers to help create lifetime bowlers. Make sure to work together with all involved and deliver a plan to execute each week. Customize it how you want based on what you believe will provide a great learning environment for your youth bowlers, keeping it fun and exciting, ensuring they’ll want to return next season! 

There are several new components to the Bowlopolis Kid’s Club such as:


  • Brag Tag – Each year, youth bowlers will receive a brag tag card that can be hung on a key ring and attached to their book bag, bowling bag, or where ever they like. Collect them all!

  • Board Game and Stickers – The progress card has been transformed into an interactive game experience that includes opportunities for prizes and awards, both locally and nationally. 

Teach and practice each of the lessons on the board, spreading them out across the league. Go over it at the start, let them bowl, and then test them before league is over. Once everyone completes the goal, you can place their sticker on that spot. Practice and repetition are important aspects to mastering a skillset.

So that every kid can take their board game home each week to show their family, on this skill development plan we have provided you with a master poster listing each goal and a place for everyone’s name in the league. Each week, make sure to update it by checking the box or placing your own stickers or stars for the goals completed by each kid. This provides a little competition, but also the opportunity to celebrate the kids in the league. 


Be aware that not everyone will complete the board or the goals each week; this provides an ongoing incentive to practice in the center. The board was designed in a way that some will complete everything during the season and some will not. That’s okay, as everyone qualifies for a chance at prizes. When the league ends, have each kid hold up their board and take a picture on the lanes. Post those pictures on your youth wall, but most importantly, make sure to submit each one to In the subject line put: Bowlopolis Game Board

Try to submit all boards by April 30 for each kid to qualify for our grand prize. Make sure you provide your name (parent, coach, or league coordinator, etc.), contact information, center name, league name, and list of the kid’s names in the league. All entries submitted by May 1 or afterward will be included in the following year’s drawing. Send it no matter what, even if after May 1, so we can track the progress of youth bowlers across the country. 

On the game board, you’ll notice a bonus round. Have everyone participate throughout the season by downloading the apps to watch the Bowlopolis episodes and play the Bowlerdash game. A lot of fun and exciting opportunities also can be submitted to In the subject line put: Bowlopolis Bonus Round

  • Activity Book and Crayons – The Little Bowler magazine has several opportunities to learn about Bowlopolis, bowling and have a lot of fun along the way.

Within the activity book, there are several learning opportunities with bowling for each kid. Make these part of your league experience, rather than just having the kids take them home. Within the book there will be information regarding our new coloring contest page, which has been included separately.

  • Coloring Contest – Kids will be able to participate in a national coloring contest. Utilize the crayons provided and build your masterpiece!

Have each kid write their name and USBC Youth membership ID number on their page. Each parent/guardian will need to mail the page to us at:

      Attention: Coloring Contest
      621 Six Flags Drive.
      Arlington, TX 76011

Don't forget to register your child here