2020 Young Delegates Grant Program

Because of the cancellation of the 2020 USBC Convention, the awarded grant recipients will be offered the opportunity to attend the 2021 USBC Convention in the Chicago area.

Applications for the 2022 Young Delegates Grant Program will be available in January 2022.

About the Young Delegates Grant Program

The Young Delegates Grant Program is designed to encourage more participation in the USBC Convention and promote lifelong engagement.

The USBC Strategic Planning Committee report highlighted the desire to recruit new leaders interested in governance of the sport. This grant program covers travel costs for young delegates interested in attending the USBC Convention.

Grant applicant guidelines:

  • You must be an eligible voting delegate under 45 years of age to be considered
    • Voting delegates are elected by the membership at their annual meeting or by appointment by the board president to fill vacancies in delegate positions.
  • Preference also will be given to those who qualify as athlete delegates
    • Athlete delegates are individuals who, per USOC Bylaws and USBC Bylaw IX, have demonstrated active engagement in amateur bowling competition by finishing tournaments as follows:
      1. For Open or Women's Championship tournaments, the top five percent of all amateur finishers in the All Events event in the order in which participants scored;
      2. For Team USA Team Trials and National Junior Gold championship tournaments conducted by USBC, the top 50% of all amateur male and female finishers over the age of 18.  
  • Preference will be given to new delegates who have never attended USBC Convention
  • Previous grant recipients will not be considered

Recipients will be notified in mid-February and will receive transportation, hotel accommodations and meal reimbursement.

Please consider possible applicants and promote the young Delegates Grant Program at every opportunity.