The Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team: research engineers, a research chemist and research technicians test bowling balls, pins, lane surfaces and oils to make sure that those four factors of the sport meet the standards set by USBC before they can be used in USBC-certified leagues or tournaments.

A significant amount of resources and behind-the-scenes effort are invested by the Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team to make sure that no matter what center you're bowling in across the country or around the world, your bowling experience is as fair as it is enjoyable. When you're bowling well, you're enjoying the sport more. This team of individuals works closely with the USBC coaching department and the training side of the ITRC (International Training and Research Center) to assist in developing new technologies that will help you improve your game.


USBC Equipment Specifications Manual
Approved Ball List
Approved Ball Cleaners and Polishes
Ball Motion Study
Center Certification Tools