PLI test program postponed
USBC leadership has decided to postpone testing the concept of using Professional Lane Inspectors (PLI) to handle lane inspections in four states during the 2014-2015 season. USBC local associations in Wisconsin, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana will be asked to proceed with the current inspection process until further notice.

USBC received a great deal of feedback from proprietors and associations about the PLI concept. There is near unanimous industry support for a better and more consistent lane inspection process, but USBC has determined it needs to conduct additional research to be certain the program design does not unintentionally harm any of its stakeholders.

The bowling industry has started great dialogue on this topic and USBC now will look to perform additional due diligence regarding cost structure and execution of the program. USBC also wants more data to better understand the potential financial impact for proprietors.

USBC remains committed to the development of a new lane inspection process and will continue research and discovery. Anyone with questions should contact the Equipment Specifications and Lane Certifications team at 817-385-8407 or