Junior Gold Opening Ceremony: Join us at the Cleveland Public Auditorium for the official 20th annual Junior Gold Championships Opening Ceremony. This event is open to all, but please register in advance for us so we know who will be attending. Athletes and Spectators must be wearing their credentials (badge and lanyard) to get in the doors. 
    • DATE: Sunday July 16, 2017
    • TIME: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • LOCATION: Cleveland Public Auditorium, 500 Lakeside Ave, Cleveland, OH
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Bowlers Choice Awards

This summer, the Junior Gold Championships presented by the Brands of Ebonite International will feature the Bowlers Choice Awards during the 2017 Opening Ceremony. The Bowlers Choice Awards, to be presented for the first time, are five fun awards designed to give youth bowlers the opportunity to express their personalities.

The finalist for the 2017 Junior Gold Opening Ceremony Bowler's Choice Awards have been chosen! Below you will find the nominees from each category, you are able to vote once per category. Voting will close on July 13th and the winners will be announced and awarded during the 2017 Junior Gold Opening Ceremony. Don't forget to follow @youth_bowling on instagram, twitter and snapchat for up to date details about Junior Gold.

sk    The Nominees Are...
      Andrew Brabant
      Charlie Wilken
      Hannah Triske
      Justin Bohn
      Noah Strout

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 SA    The Nominees Are...

      Brooke Bryan
      Danielle Rubach
      Jillian Perito
      Kimberly Fillers
      Tamera Stanton

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   The Nominees Are...

      Caroline Thesier
      Carson Opela
      Jacob Perry
      Noah Saul
      Spencer Robarge

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   The Nominees Are...

      Amanda Granata
      Andru Blaney
      Isabella Wilson
      Jacob Gaddam
      Jos Luc Weems

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 cc    The Nominees for Are...

      Ben Giacobbi
      Corina Hernandez
      Josiah Youngblood
      Nicholas Adams
      Nick Penny

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