USBC announces recognition award

Minnesota state and local association leader Harry Stewart, Texas proprietor Jamie Brooks and California local leader Tina Martin have been named winners of the 2010 United States Bowling Congress Recognition Awards.

Stewart was selected as winner of the Helen Baker Outstanding Association Service Award, Brooks the Proprietor of the Year Award and Martin the Joyce Deitch Trailblazer Award.

"The success of USBC depends on dedicated volunteers, engaged proprietors and innovators in the sport," USBC Executive Director Stu Upson said. "We are truly appreciative of all the great things these award winners have contributed."

The Helen Baker Outstanding Association Service Award is named for the former Women's International Bowling Congress' fifth president. It annually recognizes an outstanding bowling leader who has made invaluable contributions to local and state associations as an innovator, creator and mentor of adult programs.

Stewart has been a member of his local association in Minneapolis for nearly 50 years, serving as an officer at the state and local level. His motto is, "Service to the Bowlers" and Stewart focuses his efforts to ensure fair conditions and opportunities for all bowlers. Stewart initiated a new Most Improved Bowler Tournament in the Minneapolis area to help keep new members engaged in the sport. Also serving as office manager for the local association, Stewart diligently keeps accurate financial records and facilitates support of local youth programs and charities.

The Proprietor of the Year Award annually recognizes an outstanding bowling center proprietor for his/her enthusiastic support of local and state bowling associations and of national programs.

Brooks has actively worked in support of local, state and national associations for decades, serving on many boards and councils. His centers have a strong focus on league bowling and encouraging participants to enter USBC tournaments. Brooks also places a priority on having certified USBC coaches available to assist bowlers on the lanes. His center in Plano, Texas recently hosted the state high school championship and Brooks consistently supports the local high school programs near his centers.

The Joyce Deitch Trailblazer Award is named for the seventh president of the WIBC. It recognizes organizations and individuals who have made important contributions to bowling by being motivators, visionaries, leaders and innovators.

A bowler for more than 40 years, Martin has shown a passion for the sport as organizer and innovator in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past two decades. Martin takes an active role in youth programs serving as the primary leader bringing teams to national and state events. An active member of the Bowling Writers Association of America, Martin skillfully engages the local media leading to consistent coverage of bowling in Marin County.

Winners of the USBC Recognition Awards are selected by the USBC Board of Directors and will be formally recognized at the 2010 USBC Convention in Reno, Nev.