Team USA men earn more medals at PASF

ARLINGTON, Texas - Team USA's Mike Fagan of Dallas earned the gold medal, while Nathan Bohr of Austin, Texas, took the silver in singles Saturday at the Pan American Sports Festival in Puebla, Mexico.

With their strong performances in doubles, mixed doubles and singles, Fagan and Bohr also helped Team USA qualify for a spot in the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

Fagan won the singles event by a wide margin, finishing with an eight-game total of 1,853. Bohr tallied 1,768 to finish second, while the bronze medal went to Colombia's Manuel Otalora with 1,692.

The three players who medaled in singles also finished in the same position in all-events. Fagan won with a 24-game total of 5,287, Bohr took second with 5,285 and Otalora was third with 5,186.

In women's singles, Mexico's Iliana Lomeli won the gold with 1,700. Clara Guerrero of Colombia took silver with 1,608 and Aruba's Kamilah Dammers earned bronze with 1,581.

Team USA's Kayla Johnson of Washington, Illinois, finished 13th with 1,506, while Sarah Lokker of New Baltimore, Michigan, was 18th with 1,427.

Dammers won the women's all-events with 4,850, Guerrero was second with 4,822 and Lomeli was third with 4,769.

For complete singles results, click here. For all-events results, click here.

In the Masters portion of the event Saturday, Fagan took the gold medal with a 232-216 win over Otalora. Bohr shared the bronze medal with a semifinal loss. For Masters results, click here

As of now, a total of 14 teams will qualify to compete in the Pan Am Games. The top seven teams in the country all-events standings this week who had not already qualified earned spots.

The qualifying countries from PASF were the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama and Aruba. Four countries qualified at the South American Games - Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. Canada automatically earns a spot as the host country.

The final two spots in the Pan Am Games field will be determined at the Central and Caribbean Games.

The women's qualifying is a little different. Four teams from the South American Games qualified - Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile.

Three spots came from this week's PASF event with Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica advancing. The United States finished one position outside the cut position.

However, the United States and other countries that have yet to qualify will have the opportunity at the Pan American Bowling Confederation Women's Championships in Cali, Colombia, where an additional four teams will qualify.

As with the men, two women's teams will also qualify from the Central and Caribbean Games.