#USBCOpen Spotlight - Volume 2

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LAS VEGAS - During the 2017 United States Bowling Congress Open Championships we will have the opportunity to meet and speak with more than 50,000 bowlers from all over the world.

Some are well-known, some are yet-to-be-known, but all of them have personal stories to tell and memories to share about their time at the USBC Open Championships.

In the past, we've caught up with some of the bowlers for an online feature called On The Lanes, where we asked them all the same 12 questions to see how the answers might vary based on different generations, skill levels and experience.

On The Lanes deviates from our traditional news-sharing format, but it offers different insight into the competitors at the Open Championships.

We're adding yet another option in 2017 and introducing a question-and-answer format for some of our most interesting bowlers to see how they got started, where they came from and what their Las Vegas experience was like.

This week, we heard from the newest member of the tournament's media department, Brian Hirsch.

Although he will not be competing in this year's Open Championships until later in the year, he will be working very hard behind the scenes.

Hirsch is the second vice president of the International Bowling Media Association, a USBC Level 1 coach and a member of the USBC Registered Volunteer Program.

The 40-year-old and his wife, Amber, have three sons (Corbin, Camden and Masen).

USBC - What are some of your bowling-related achievements and career highlights?

BH -I would have to say, when my oldest son Corbin won his first Junior Bowlers Tour title to become the first JBT Southwest champion of an alumni, was pretty special.

Having the opportunity to be the fifth man on a team at the 2014 USBC Open Championships with Jimmy Schroeder and Glenn Allison (both whom are members of the USBC Hall of Fame and the USBC Open Championships 100,000-Pin Club) also was high on the list.

Last, but not least, having my wife at the center when I shot 300 and 846 (a career-best) meant a lot to me.

USBC - What balls are in your bowling bag?

BH -Hammer Scandal Pearl, Roto Grip No Rules, Columbia 300 Swerve FX, Storm Hy-Road, Columbia 300 Sideswipe and a Storm Pitch Blue.
USBC - What four players would join you on your Open Championships dream team?

BH - Pete Weber, Michael Haugen Jr., Danny Wiseman and Mr. #USBCOpen himself, Matt McNiel.

USBC - Who is your favorite bowler of all-time?

BH -Walter Ray Williams Jr.

USBC - What do you believe are the keys to success at the Open Championships?

BH -TEAMWORK. All the players on the pair need to work together to breakdown the pattern to develop a consistent line to the pocket and increase their strike percentage.

USBC - What is your most embarrassing moment at the Open Championships?

BH -At the 2015 event in El Paso, Texas, I shot 1,394 for all-events.

USBC - Who challenges you the most on the lanes, and how so?

BH - Only one person, and that would be me. When things are not going well, it is easy to misjudge and overthink changing to another bowling ball or hand position to make the ball do something else.

USBC - What did you do to prepare for this year's Open Championships?

BH -In previous years, I tried to force things to make things happen. This year, I am looking to relax, take in the moment, throw one ball at a time and just have FUN.

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