The USBC Registered Volunteer Program will ensure that all volunteers who have contact with USBC youth bowlers are qualified to do so. It includes a mandatory criminal background screening designed to remove and/or discourage those who might harm our kids. It will require all Registered Volunteers to abide by a Code of Conduct which defines appropriate and inappropriate behavior. And it will allow USBC to identify and communicate with thousands of volunteers.

Enroll or renew in the Registered Volunteer Program


Registered Volunteers will make payment directly to the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) by using Visa or Master Card. Registered Volunteers will each pay $20 for the actual screening and $1.25 for administrative fees.

There may be additional screening fees if your state or county charges NCSI additional fees. If the information provided is incomplete or incorrect an additional charge to re-screen may be necessary. NCSI will e-mail the individual at the e-mail address provided.


Volunteers always have been, and always will be, the backbone of the United States Bowling Congress. They are dedicated, hardworking, unselfish people who have the sport's best interests at heart. To learn more about the Registered Volunteer Program, take a look at the enrollment guide.

Enrollment guide