Guide to League Issues



The league president is required to appoint an Audit Committee and ensure the committee completes at least one audit during the season.


The audit committee duties are to check the bank statements to receipts; check pay envelopes to ensure payments are current and match deposits and check to be sure that any withdrawals or checks have the two officer signatures.







  • Absentee score is average less ten pins unless league rules state otherwise.
  • Handicap is figured on the absent bowlers average, unless league rules state otherwise.
  • Absentee score is used for the first session unless league rules state otherwise.
  • Contact bowlers absent for more than one week.
  • Teams cannot be forced to pay for an absent bowler.




  • Click here for league options when a center closes.


  • Scores bowled first can be seen unless the league rules or past precedence do not allow.
  • Substitutes can pre or post bowl.
  • No honor score recognition when bowling unopposed.
  • HELPFUL HINT - Announce to the league that requests for make-up games must be made prior to the scheduled match.
  • Emergency postponements are when a team cannot field a legal lineup for reasons beyond its control.


  • Click here for a guide to adopting prize lists.


  • Must complete a league membership application card.
  • Memberships received after the league certification applicationis filed must be sent to the local association within 30 days ofreceipt.
  • Can bowl at anytime unless the league rules state otherwise.
  • Count toward the legal lineup requirement, unless league rules state otherwise.
  • CAP leagues - when using a substitute or new bowler the combination of all entering averages including the substitute or new bowler must be less than or equal to the cap.


  • Click here for a guide to handling protests.


  • Total pins cannot break a tie.
  • A playoff is held using the same format employed in regular league play; same number of games and same point system, unless the league adopts another procedure.
  • Playoffs must be at least one frame, scored like a tenth frame.
  • Co-Champions may be named by league rule.
  • Current averages are used for handicapping purposes.
  • USBC awards are recognized, unless bowling unopposed.
  • Teams may have to pay lineage.
  • Teams cannot split the money and forego competition.
  • Playoffs can be used to break a tie for positions other than first.
  • Substitutes can bowl, unless league rules prohibit.
  • Teams can be granted a pre or post bowl when a legal lineup cannot be fielded for good reason.


  • Verbal notice fulfills the notice requirement.
  • Two weeks are based on the calendar, not league sessions.
  • A member who withdraws properly with good reason is entitled to a prorated share of team prize money based on the number of weeks paid.
  • The league board determines good cause for withdrawal.
  • A league can file a complaint for up to six sessions of unpaid league fees.
  • A bowler must be notified of a meeting to file charges for failing to pay league fees.
    Click here for a sample letter.