2020 USBC Senior Masters
June 1 - June 7, 2020
Sam's Town Bowling Center
Las Vegas

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If you're a USBC member age 50 or over who wants to continue competing in tournament bowling at a high level, then you should check out the USBC Senior Masters. At the Senior Masters, you'll have the opportunity to take on some of bowling's greatest veteran athletes. Approximately 250 of the sport's top professional and amateur players age 50 and older compete for a prize fund of up to $100,000.

The 2021 Senior Masters also will take place at Sam's Town and be held June 6-13. 

One of the great things about the Senior Masters is the exciting tournament format. Since its debut in 1993, the Senior Masters has used the same challenging qualifying and double-elimination format as the traditional USBC Masters. You start by rolling 15 games of qualifying (three five-game blocks) which consists of your total accumulated score. After the qualifying rounds, the top 63 scorers join the defending champion in advancing to double-elimination match play. Like the regular Masters, the Senior Masters double-elimination match play format consists of a winners' and elimination bracket where bowlers compete head-to-head in three-game matches. Whichever bowler has the highest pin fall total after three games advances to the next round.

If you're in the winners' bracket and continue to win, you'll stay in the winners' bracket. You can lose your first match and gain new life by moving to the elimination bracket. The down side of the elimination bracket is that you must compete in more matches than those in the winners' bracket. Remember that you can only lose two matches total. So losing one match in the elimination bracket eliminates you from the tournament.

We will make every effort to post the tournament roster on BOWL.com beginning four weeks prior to the event start date. We will make every effort to update that roster once a week leading up to the event.


Prize Fund 


Greg Moore
Senior Director
Tournament Programming 
Phone: 817-385-8270
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