Senior Women's Triple Crown Series


Triple Crown Standings


National Golden Ladies  USBC Senior Queens   Senior Women's U.S. Open
Already Concluded June 27-July 3, 2014 July 20-24, 2014
The Orleans - Las Vegas National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev. The Cherry Bowl, Rockford, Ill.

-Nat'l Golden Ladies - 15 Games qualifying
-Senior US Women's Open - 18 Games qualifying
-USBC Senior Queens - 15 Games qualifying

-Must bowl all three events
-Use all qualifying games bowled during 3 events.
-Bowlers will be ranked on total pin fall for all 48 games.
-The top 10 will advance to the Triple Crown Shoot-Out following Senior Women's U.S. Open qualifying rounds
-If a tie exists for any seeded position, the tie will be broken by:
      -The highest 16-game total using the bowler's highest block of each event
      -If tie still exists, the 2nd-highest block of games will be used. 

Triple Crown Shoot-Out Presented by The Orleans
-The Cherry Bowl, Rockford, Ill., July 24, 2014
-Top 10 are placed in a seeded bracket with byes
-Bracket is one-game matches - single elimination
-Seeds 5-10 bowl first game
-Seeds 2-4 receive one bye and will bowl first-game winners
-Top seed receives two byes
-Any ties during the Shoot-Out will require a one-ball sudden-death roll-off
     -Bowlers will start where they finished, left lane bowls first 
     -If a tie still exists bowlers will flip lanes, same process is used until a winner is decided

Top 10 Prizes:   
1st Place $1000
2nd Place $750
3rd - 4th Place          $500
5th - 7th Place $400
8th - 10th $350
Total $5000