Bowling - What Not to Do

 Little does she know, a bowling disaster is about to strike (pun intended)


In bowling, there are failures and then there are epic fails. Thanks to YouTube, this latter category has been captured in a few hilarious bowling moments. Let's get started:


Taking a Celebration too far (literally)


You've probably seen the typical bowling 'strike' celebration before - a fist pump, a loud, "YES!" or even a jump in the air. What you may not have seen is a person running onto the lanes in a fit of joy - and for good reason. This young lady learns the hard way that bowling lanes have oil on them.


When Virtual Bowling Attacks


It's a heartbreaking scenario - and one that could happen to anyone. A bowling video game just gets way too real and your TV turns into a remote-catching device. Just remember to secure your remote before you virtual bowl!


You Might want to Close the Center Down


This very well may be the bowling fail of all bowling fails. Not only does the ball rip through the ceiling, but something definitely ruptured. Can you imagine the proprietor's reaction?


Don't Try this at Home


While not an epic bowling fail, this pre-planned flop by Mike Machuga is just plain fun to watch.