Can't-Miss Bowling Valentines


Ah, Valentine’s Day – a day for love, flowers, chocolates and … bowling?

Picking out that special Valentine card for your special Valentine can be downright difficult. It’s not like you can go down to the local convenience store and pick out one that expresses your love of him/her, and your love of bowling.

But we have you covered. Hit the 99-cent card rack, and then make sure to add a special hand-written note (at least it will show you tried) to let your loved one know how you feel. And if you have a little trouble with the words, we’re here to help out with few verses that relate your love of bowling.


The Old and The New

Bring old friends and new love together on the lanes. On Valentine’s Day, share your passion for bowling with the special person in your life, and have some competitive fun together.

Pulses are red,

My Hammer is blue, 

If you let me win, 

I'll go bowling with you.



Lasting Love

Love found on the lanes will be a love that lasts. She’ll be yours forever as soon as you get down on one knee and slide that 300 ring onto her finger.

That one night at league,

It was love at first sight,

As you shot 300,

On the pair to my right.

Love the Right Way

Show your loved ones how much you care about them … and their game. Give the gift of USBC Coaching this Valentine’s Day!

I’ve seen your game up close

I simply want you to succeed,

You should go to

To find the help that you need

Came to My Senses 

Struggling to find the right reaction, this special someone helped you find your way. Let them know how much you appreciate them.

I walked into the pro shop to purchase a ball,

So many to choose from, right there on the wall, 

I wanted something from Storm that was orange and blue,

But it could never smell, as sweet as you.

Didn't We Almost Have it All?

Forced you to choose between them and bowling? This poem could express your feelings.

I went for the camaraderie and stayed for the beer, 

Ate so many nachos over the years, 

You came along and tried to stifle my fun, 

I’ve made my choice and bowling's the one! 

In Good Times and in Bad

Sometimes, it's not their day or oil pattern. Let them know you'll be there to love and support them no matter what.

When the lanes give you trouble and your spare game's not right, 

I'll still be the one, holding you tight, 

Move two boards left, or try something new, 

But no matter the score, I'll always love you. 

You Complete Me

What’s better than all of the great USBC member rewards? Having someone to share them with, of course. Thank them for joining you on this journey called league … and life. Show them you love them like a lane loves oil.

Until I met you, I felt so incomplete, 

No one to share my USBC benefits with me; 

Now we'll go to the gym and rent a car, 

And stay at the Hilton, when bowling takes us too far.