Sport bowling is a competitive on-lane adventure like no other. High-tech equipment and forgiving lane conditions tend to conceal weaknesses in the games of even the top bowlers. Competing on the same lane patterns used in the highest level of competition can help you find and eliminate weaknesses in your game.

Why does USBC offer Sport Bowling?
Because the difference between skill and technology has become blurred as high-tech equipment and forgiving lane patterns prevail, and we believe it is time to address those differences. Sport Bowling separates the sport of bowling from the game by placing an emphasis on skill, and it is the answer to the request of many bowlers who want to restore credibility in the sport they love. The creation of certified, competitive Sport leagues allows for the skills of the bowler to take a big step in that direction.

Why would you want to join?
Because Sport Bowling is the standard by which competitive bowlers are measured. This is the chance to accurately gauge your skill level as a bowler and identify areas in which you need to improve.

How to join?

It's easy to become a USBC Sport Bowling member. The upgrade from standard USBC membership is just $15 for adults and included in Junior Gold membership for youth. You can complete the process online by clicking here.

Contact the Sport Bowling department
Phone: 800-514-BOWL, ext. 8362