WinLABS 10 software and updates are available here. The latest update is WinLABS 10.0.38.

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WinLABS is a free computer software application created by USBC to process information for Adult members. The program provides automated solutions for certifying Adult leagues, members, bowler achievements and tournaments.

WinLABS transmits association data to USBC Headquarters electronically. A National Bowler Database receives the league and member information and the association's account is electronically debited for appropriate dues.

To utilize WinLABS most efficiently, we recommend an association to have a computer with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system.

The new WinLABS 12
WinLABS 12, the newest version of WinLABS, now is available to associations that meet the following criteria:

  • Merged Association
  • Not in the middle of running a tournament
  • All Windows updates available for your computer successfully applied

We encourage all qualified associations to sign up to have a USBC team member work with you to complete the installation. You can use the following virtual calendar link to set up an appointment:

If you currently are using WinLABS 12 and need assistance to install WinLABS 12 on a new computer, please schedule an appointment using the above link. When scheduling the appointment, please indicate in the notes that you are an existing WinLABS 12 user.

If you are a new Association Manager, get started by contacting the WinLABS Support team via email at or call 800-514-BOWL, ext. 8952. We can assist you with obtaining a backup of the database used by the outgoing manager, as well as installing the version of WinLABS that is right for you and restoring the database.

WinLABS 10 information
For non-merged associations wanting to install WinLABS 10 on a new computer, the full install of WinLABS 10 program, along with required updates, can be downloaded from The WinLABS Support Team is available for assistance with this process, as well.

All required WinLABS 10 software and updates are available by clicking here. You will use your association supply order login and password. The download process requires high-speed internet. If you have difficulty obtaining online updates, email

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about WinLABS.

WinLABS Tournament Software

WinLABS contains a full tournament module to allow associations to process certified tournaments for both adults and youth. Below you will find links to the WinLABS Tournament Training Modules.

The presentation has been broken down into 15 separate segments which allow for quick and easy selection of the segment that matches the current phase of your tournament. Below are highlights and links to each. Make sure to turn your speakers on and enjoy the training.