What is USA Bowling?USA Bowling is a mainstream youth sports model that shares a similar team-based structure to other youth sports. Kids are put on a team; each team has a coach and practices regularly along with weekly competitions.

How long are the seasons?Every USA Bowling Program is different and can vary between 8-12 weeks in length.

Are all the teams co-ed and what are the age divisions?Yes. USA Bowling is currently a co-ed program within each age division. Each program is different, but possible age divisions include (and are not limited to) U10, U14, U15 and U20.

Can my kids bowl together?This is something you will need to coordinate with your bowling center's USA Bowling Program Commissioner. More than likely, as long as they are told in advance, they should be able to arrange siblings on the same team with no problem.

Are there tryouts?No child is required to try out to join a team in the USA Bowling Program. However, there are separate divisions they are placed in based on age.

How much does it cost?Each session has a one-time program fee that is determined by the bowling center running the program. Please contact your local center for information on costs to participate.

What is provided with the program fee?Provided in your program fee is: lineage, instructor's RVP fee, membership fee, jersey and any other benefits provided by the bowling center.

What is the time commitment for players and parents?Practices are once per week for one hour. Matches are once per week and take between 1-1.5 hours.

How many kids are on each team?There is a suggested amount of four children per team. However, centers have been successful by running the program with anywhere from 3 to 5 kids per team.

Does my child need a physical examination prior to participating?You are not required to receive a physical examination nor is there any physical requirements necessary to compete in a USA Bowling Program.

What will my child learn?Along with practicing the fundamentals of bowling each child will learn several valuable life skills including teamwork and sportsmanship.

What should my child wear to the competitions?Kids may wear any type of bottoms comfortable for them to bowl in with their provided jersey or polo shirt (jeans, slacks, shorts, etc.) on competition days. Practices are casual and kids may wear any type of apparel comfortable for them to bowl in.

Do I need to provide my own equipment?Every bowling center has house balls and rental shoes available to use if you do not feel comfortable purchasing your child their own equipment right away. If you choose to purchase your child their own ball or shoes, pro shop employees at the bowling center will be glad to help you select the proper equipment.

Is there any type of fundraising that I have to participate in?
There is no fundraising required to participate in USA Bowling. However, some kids have been successful at fundraising individually to help offset their program fees.

Who are the coaches?USA Bowling Coaches are volunteer coaches. The USA Bowling program offers instruction and curriculum to all volunteer coaches through the USA Bowling Coaching Seminars being held throughout the country. To find a coaching seminar in your area, click here. All Volunteer Instructors are members of the USBC Registered Volunteer Program.

Can I coach my child?As long as the Program Commissioner is notified in advance, he/she will most likely be willing to allow you to coach your son or daughter's bowling team.

How can I become a coach?Simply communicate your interest in becoming a USA Bowling Program Volunteer Instructor to your local bowling center or email usacoaching@ibcyouth.com or call 817-385-8339. The International Bowling Campus Youth department is providing free seminars all over the country and curriculum for anyone interested in becoming a youth volunteer instructor.