PBA Experience leagues to return beginning Nov. 1

USBC Sport Bowling members looking to challenge themselves on the same conditions seen on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour again will have that opportunity with the return of the PBA Experience.

PBA Experience leagues will be back in action beginning Nov. 1, and bowlers will be able to test their skills on the Viper, Shark, Scorpion, Chameleon, Cheetah, Earl Anthony, Carmen Salvino, Detroit Open, World Championship, Tournament of Champions and U.S. Open oil patterns featured at national and regional PBA events. Patterns will be available in the coming weeks as they are adapted for the various lane machines.

"Bowlers really seem to enjoy measuring themselves against the pros they see on TV and other Sport bowlers," said USBC Executive Director Stu Upson. "We are pleased to once again partner with the PBA to offer this option to leagues across the country."

Competing on the same lane patterns used at the highest level helps bowlers focus on accuracy and shot making and puts an emphasis on spares. What sets a Sport pattern apart from a traditional house condition is the ratio of oil applied to the lane. A Sport pattern is much flatter and less forgiving, while a house shot allows for a greater margin of error.

While competing in a PBA Experience league does require a membership upgrade, there are many benefits to taking the Sport Bowling challenge. Along with being able to pinpoint weaknesses and hone their skills, Sport members are eligible for special awards, member rewards, great discounts from bowling's top manufacturers and local pro shops and a members-only section on BOWL.com that features tips and other valuable information.

"PBA Experience leagues allow bowlers to experience what it's like to bowl on the PBA Tour, but at their own pace and in a more comfortable environment," said PBA Commissioner Tom Clark. "These patterns are familiar and recognizable, and bowlers can improve by watching the PBA telecasts for strategies or by reading tips from their favorite PBA stars. We're all looking forward to the return of this program."

The international oil patterns currently being used for Team USA Experience leagues will continue to be available.