2012 Calendar FAQ


Why is the Open Championships starting early?
We have a limited time to be in the venue and getting an early start allows for more participation. We also wanted to give some bowlers a chance to experience the local flavor of Mardi Gras in February.

Will the Open Championships be extended if entries are strong?
The dates cannot be extended beyond July 9 because the venue has another commitment.

Why isn’t the Masters at the site of the Open Championships?

In order to maximize the number of teams, we wanted to give all available dates to the Open Championships. There simply wasn’t room on the schedule to fit in the Masters.

Why did you choose the Las Vegas area as the site for the Masters?
Las Vegas has been a great city for bowling events and Station Casinos are great partners. Looking at the schedule for other professional and high-level amateur events, we felt this date and site would be a great way to give more people the opportunity to bowl multiple events in a single trip.

Why does the ITC overlap with the Queens?
It is very challenging to work around the many events around that time of year, including Convention, NCAA Championships and final exams for schools. The timeframe between sectionals and ITC is endorsed by most college programs and consistent with past years.

Why was the Queens moved away from the Women’s Championships site?
The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a more central location, with greater ease of travel for competitors. Also, holding the finals at the International Bowling Campus with the TV show at the International Training and Research Center (ITRC) will create a special atmosphere for the telecast and showcase an important venue for the sport. Bowlers can compete in the Women’s Championships in conjunction with the U.S. Women’s Open, since those tournaments will both be held in Reno.

Why is the Convention going to be in North Texas for a second consecutive year?

The location near the center of the country allows for more convenient travel for more Convention attendees. In addition, we believe delegates will enjoy having the event near the International Bowling Campus, which also keeps costs down.

Why was the Senior Queens separated from the Queens?
As was mentioned above, bringing the Queens to the Dallas/Fort Worth area with the telecast in the ITRC and during Convention week has significant value. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a venue available that could house both events simultaneously. We also wanted to keep the Senior Queens with the Women’s Championships so that elite bowlers over 50 could bowl both events in a single trip.

When will the Senior Masters site and location be announced?
The Senior Masters site and location will be announced later this year.