13 proposals to be decided at Annual Meeting

ARLINGTON, Texas - Delegates will vote on 13 proposals involving changes to United States Bowling Congress bylaws, league rules and tournament rules at the USBC Annual Meeting on April 27 in Arlington.

The amendments include a series of changes to USBC bylaws called the Financial Freedom and Flexibility Proposals. The Financial Freedom and Flexibility Proposals will allow associations at all levels to better manage their financial future by removing dues cap restrictions from USBC bylaws.

USBC will host a series of meetings around the country to discuss with delegates why the Financial Freedom and Flexibility Proposals will benefit USBC associations and the organization as a whole by embracing free-market principles that are the foundation for growing businesses.

Of the 13 proposals, seven relate to changes to USBC bylaws, four refer to league rules and two to tournaments. Other proposals relating to USBC bylaws include:
* Removing the provision allowing members who join in a summer league to receive next season's membership as well.
* Removing the fiscal year from the bylaws.
* Limiting the USBC President's term in office to a single, three-year term.  

Proposals relating to playing rules and tournaments include:
* Allowing a league's board to adjust a player's average upward during the season with a two-thirds vote.
* Require league games bowled in a playoff or special contest to count toward averages.
* Require tournament bowlers to use the highest of either their composite average of all leagues, or the bowler's highest single league average of 21 games or more.

Please see BOWL.com/convention for the complete list of proposed amendments and additional information about the 2012 USBC Convention.