USBC eConnection: Mar., 2012

2012 USBC Convention information
The USBC Annual Meeting schedule is now available at or you can click here. New this year, the annual meeting will begin Thursday afternoon to assure the meeting will be completed by Friday.

Convention schedules and other information, including transportation, workshop schedules and this year’s legislation, can be found at When viewing documents on the Convention page, there is a revised date at the bottom to confirm it is the most recent update of the document.

CBS Sports Network to air USBC collegiate singles and team championships

The USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships and the USBC Intercollegiate Team Championships will be part of a four-week series that will air nationally this May on CBS Sports Network, the official television partner of the events.

It is the first time in the history of the event that the USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships will be televised. All four shows will air on CBS Sports Network. Dave LaMont will handle play-by-play, while USBC spokesman and Team USA member Chris Barnes will provide color commentary for the shows.

CBS Sports Network will air the one-hour shows, which will be shown in high definition for the first time, over a four-week period each Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern starting May 4. Click here to read more.

USBC Senior Queens to cap senior women’s series

The 2012 USBC Senior Queens presented by Storm will become the first USBC championship event held entirely at the International Training and Research Center when it takes place Oct. 19-23, capping the new Senior Women's Triple Crown Series.

The Senior Queens will feature an increased first-place prize of $5,000, will be broadcast on BowlTV for the first time and have other special incentives for participants. The event is part of the Senior Women's Triple Crown Series, which includes the National Golden Ladies Classic and the Senior U.S. Women's Open. Click here to read more.

YES Fund awards grant to Illinois school

Abingdon High School in Abingdon, Ill., has been selected to receive a $2,500 grant through the Youth Education Services (YES) Fund High School Grant Program.

After more than a 15-year absence, Abingdon revived its once-successful bowling program this season. The high school had won state titles in girls bowling in 1973, 1976 and 1979, but the program ended in the 1990s. A student survey showed overwhelming support to bring back the sport, and 27 of the school's 249 students signed up when the bowling program returned with both a boys' and girls' team.

To read more about the High School Grant Program and the YES Fund, please click here.

Two Texans to receive USBC Recognition awards

Donna Conners of Houston and Sue Hunter of Alamo, Texas, have been selected to receive 2012 USBC Recognition Awards.

Conners is the Joyce Deitch Unity Award winner and Hunter has been named the Helen Baker Outstanding Association Service Award recipient. The selections were made by the USBC Board of Directors and the winners will be formally recognized at the 2012 USBC Convention in Arlington, Texas, in April.

To read more about the two award winners, please click here.

SMART Fund distributions to scholarship providers

The Board of Directors of SMART (Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins) Corporation made an income earnings distribution to providers’ funds. A $230,000 total distribution was credited in early March 2012.

Additionally, starting in February 2012, all SMART assets were transferred to investment funds in line with SMART's revised financial guidelines. The transfers of these investments will be overseen by Asset Strategy Consultants of Hunt Valley, Md., based on the investment policy that the SMART Board of Directors developed over the past year.

To read more detailed information about this distribution and SMART, please click here.

Enhanced offers fresh look and new features, the online home of USBC, recently unveiled a sleek new look. The first thing people will notice is the softer colors. All of the same great bowling news and information are available, but they are organized in a way that makes it easier to search, print and email content. There’s also a heavier emphasis on social media, so information can be shared easily.

Feedback from bowlers and bowling fans since the previous site launched in 2009 has helped the development team make the new site more user-friendly. A key change is the elimination of the tab system and the introduction of an easier-to-navigate toolbar with added content.

However, the general layout and structure of are the same, and many of the most popular features, such as the “Find A…” functions, search bar, forums and informational footer remain the same.

As the top Internet destination for the sport of bowling, continues to feature everything from the latest news and scores from events across the world, and exciting videos including live broadcasts on BowlTV. Previous eNews newsletters also are on the Associations page.

USBC makes Youth Committee selections
The USBC Board of Directors have named Ray Baty of Wichita, Kan., and Brent Bowers of Mulvane, Kan., to the USBC Youth Committee, and selected Erik Galganski for another three-year term, starting with the 2012-13 season. Each was recommended by the USBC Nominating Committee.

Baty and Bowers will begin their three-year terms on Aug. 1, 2012, joining Galganski, chairman Frank Wilkinson, Cera Daily, Elbert Gibson, Brenda Green, Debra Haggerty, Amanda Hollenbaugh, Alan Nordman Sr. and Rick Pittser on the committee.

USBC Coaching creates first regional development facilities
In an effort to provide a more economical way for coaches and bowlers to have access to certification conferences, USBC has announced it will create USBC Coaching Regional Development Facilities.

The facilities will offer regionalized coaching certification conferences, which will cut down on travel costs for coaches across the country. The Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, Fla., and Turbo Tech in Chesterfield, Mich., are the first industry partners to sign on to create Regional Development Facilities in their respective areas.

To find out further information about the Regional Development Facilities, please click here.

USBC enhances equipment regulation
A primary goal of USBC as the sport’s National Governing Body is to protect the integrity of the game and ensure that equipment performs correctly. USBC recently issued new specifications for ball marking designed to protect bowlers and pro shop operators from errors that can lead to incorrect drilling.

High performance bowling balls have markings on the surface to indicate the weight block location inside the ball. The accuracy of these markings is important in determining how to drill the ball for proper performance.

Effective January 31, 2012, USBC is requiring ball manufacturers to accurately mark the key axes on the ball that are used during the ball layout process by pro shop operators in order to receive USBC approval.

To read further information about these changes, please click here.

USA Bowling summer camps provides a great way to bring in new bowlers IBC Youth Department Offering Three Camp Concepts
Bowling centers, youth league directors and local associations looking to grow their business this summer can reach every skill level in the youth market with a new USA Bowling Summer Camp program.

Summer camps, particularly sports camps, are increasing in popularity as a way for kids to experience new ventures, develop their skills and have fun. With more than 20 million children bowling at least once a year, the International Bowling Campus (IBC) Youth Development team announced a step-by-step guide to implementing a successful USA Bowling Summer Camp program.

The guides are free and available to any proprietor or volunteer interested in boosting their youth participation this summer. Proprietors also have the option of using the curriculum ideas to build their own custom program.

To read more about the summer camps and the available step-by-step guides available, please click here.