USBC Annual Meeting concludes

ARLINGTON, Texas - The 2012 United States Bowling Congress Annual Meeting concluded on Friday with the election of four board members and the legislative session where 13 proposals were voted on by member delegates, including the rejection of proposals related to membership dues. The USBC Convention and Annual Meeting was held over a three-day period at the Arlington Convention Center and the Sheraton Arlington Hotel.

Board 2012Re-elected to the USBC Board of Directors were: Libbi Fletcher, second from left, of Warren, Mich., and Tamoria Adams, third from left, of Charlotte, N.C. They are joined by newcomers Steven O'Brien, left, of Mount Pleasant, S.C., and Karen Jost, right, of Alexandria, Va. The new board members will begin their three-year terms starting Aug. 1.

All four of the board members elected on Friday were selected on the first ballot. Candidates needed a majority of the 798 voting delegates and Fletcher received 631 votes, Adams received 499 votes, O'Brien received 495 and Jost had 449 votes. Anthony Colangelo of Helmetta, N.J., and Ronald Heppner of Seven Hills, Ohio, also were on the ballot.

Also joining the board for 2012-13 will be Dan Patterson of Buffalo, N.Y., who was chosen to be an athlete director. Patterson replaces Vernon Peterson of Lake Wales, Fla.

The 798 voting delegates (767 delegates, seven athletes and 24 board members) voted on seven proposals relating to bylaws, four proposals relating to league rules, and two proposals related to tournament rules during the legislative session. League rules and tournament rules required a majority vote, while bylaws required a two-thirds majority.

Two bylaws, three league rules and one tournament rule were approved. Rejected amendments included Bylaws B2, B3 and B4, which proposed adjusting dues caps for national, state and local associations.

Please see below for the proposed amendments and the voting results.

USBC once again generated significant financial support for charity. USBC Bowl For The Cure made a donation of $733,535.55 to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Local association leaders from Milwaukee, Wis., were recognized for raising more than $44,000.

The Bowlers to Veterans Link raised more than $800,000 for its program, which has been named one of America's Best Charities. BVL showcased its top contributors with California the leading state association with a $116,952.42 contribution, and Minneapolis leading local associations with a contribution of $20,000.

The USBC Youth Committee selected Dominick Savage of Missouri City, Texas, to join its committee starting with the 2012-13 season. Savage was eligible to join the committee because of his selection as USBC Male Youth Ambassador of the Year.

League Rules (majority needed)

Amendment No. LR 1 - Rejected (56 approve, 730 reject)
Create a new Rule 106g.
Requires the bowler on the right lane to make the first delivery when both bowlers have completed the same number of deliveries.

Amendment No. LR 2 - Accepted (518 approve, 271 reject)
Rule 113b. Procedures
Rule 113c. Special Contests
Requires games bowled in a playoff or special contest to count toward averages.

Amendment No. LR 3 - Accepted (601 approve, 182 reject)
Rule 118b. How Established
Allows the league's board to adjust a player's average upward during the season with a two-thirds vote.

Amendment No. LR 4 - Accepted (725 approve, 58 reject)
Rule 120. Position Matches
Defaults total pins plus handicap to be used to break ties for position matches for handicap leagues.

Tournament Rules (majority needed)
Amendment No. TR 1 - Accepted (662 approve, 125 reject)
Rule 319a. Conditions that Apply
Requires bowlers to use the highest of either their composite average of all leagues, or the bowler's highest single-league average of 21 games or more.

Amendment No. TR 2 - Rejected (82 approve, 705 reject)
Rule 319c. Average Adjustment (Rerating)
Does not allow the tournament manager to request a bowler to report an average adjustment which was issued beyond the last 12 months.

Bylaws (two-thirds vote needed)
Amendment No. B 1 - Rejected (184 approve, 600 reject)
USBC National Bylaws
Article III, Membership Dues
Section B, Dues
Changes the maximum USBC adult state dues from $1 to $3.

Amendment No. B 2 (amended) - Rejected (466 approve, 325 reject)
USBC National Bylaws
Article IV, Board of Directors
Section E, Item 16
Caps the maximum amount the national board can set on national dues to $15.
Note: After initial rejection, amendment was returned to a vote but was rejected (483 approve, 312 reject).

Amendment No. B 3 - Rejected (222 approve, 561 reject)
Merged State USBC Bylaws
Article V, Board of Directors
Section A, Board Composition, Authority and Duties
Removes the maximum limit on State dues and allows the State Board to set dues for the association.

Amendment No. B 4 - Rejected (166 approve, 621 reject)
Merged Local USBC Bylaws
Article V, Board of Directors
Section A, Board Composition, Authority and Duties
Removes the maximum limit on Local dues and allows the Local Board to set dues for the association.

Amendment No. B 5 - Rejected (155 approve, 631 reject)
USBC National Bylaws
Article V, Officers
Section C, Term
Requires the USBC President's term in office to be a single, three-year term.

Amendment No. B 6 - Accepted (659 approve, 128 reject)
USBC National Bylaws
Article XI, Fiscal Year
Removes the fiscal year from the bylaws.

Amendment No. B 7 - Accepted (550 approve, 242 reject)
Merged Local USBC Bylaws
Article IV, Membership and Dues
Removes the provision that membership purchased in a summer league receives next season's membership.