U.S. wins three more golds at CofC

LAKE WALES, Fla. - Team USA claimed three more gold medals Friday at the 2012 Pan American Bowling Confederation Champion of Champions, taking home the mixed doubles, national all-events and women's all-events titles.

Smith JohnsonLiz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y., and Steve Smith of San Diego combined to win the mixed doubles gold, while also taking the national all-events gold medal. Johnson also won the women's singles gold medal.

In mixed doubles, Johnson and Smith totaled 2,826 for six games to take the top spot at the Kegel Training Center. Johnson led the way with 1,455, while Smith added 1,371.

"There are some awesome teams here this week, so it's an amazing feeling to win these gold medals and be able to hear our national anthem," said Johnson, who won the women's all-events gold with an 18-game total of 4,264. "Steve and I had a lot of fun and worked off each other really well."

Johnson, who took the women's singles gold Thursday, and Smith also won the national all-events gold medal, which combines the all-events totals for the two players from each country. In addition to Johnson's gold-medal winning total, Smith added 4,022 as the pair totaled 8,286.

"It was a lot of fun bowling with Liz, and we had a lot of chemistry, which is really important when you bowl doubles," said Smith, who finished fifth in men's all-events. "To win a medal with someone like Liz, you really can't put that into words."

Colombia's Paola Gomez and Andres Gomez took the silver medal in both the mixed doubles and national all-events. Puerto Rico's Neishka Cardona and Jean Perez earned the bronze in both events.

Brazil's Marcelo Suartz finished on top of the men's all-events standings with 4,285. Perez took the silver with 4,224, while Gomez was third with 4,214.

Sophia Granda of Guatemala claimed the women's all-events silver medal with 3,932, while Gomez took the bronze with 3,905.

The PABCON Champion of Champions serves as the qualification event for the 2013 World Games with the top eight teams, including host Colombia, in the national all-events advancing. The advancing teams were the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

Action shifts to Saturday's Masters competition. The top eight players in each division's all-events standings will compete in the individual Masters, while the top eight teams in the national all-events will compete in the mixed doubles Masters. All the action will be broadcast live on BOWL.com's BowlTV.

A total of 18 countries are represented in the PABCON Champion of Champions, which features one man and one woman from each country.

At Kegel Training Center, Lake Wales, Fla.
Friday's results

(Top 8; 6 games)

1, United States, 2,826. 2, Colombia, 2,692. 3, Puerto Rico, 2,626. 4, Guatemala, 2,613. 5, Brazil, 2,567. 6, Venezuela, 2,551. 7, Costa Rica, 2,522. 8, Mexico, 2,510.

(Top 8; 36 games)

1, United States, 8,286. 2, Colombia, 8,119. 3, Puerto Rico, 7,852. 4, Canada, 7,736. 5, Venezuela, 7,731. 6, Mexico, 7,706. 7, Brazil, 7,655. 8, Guatemala, 7,627.

(Top 8; 18 games)

1, Marcelo Suartz, Brazil, 4,285. 2, Jean Perez, Puerto Rico, 4,224. 3, Andres Gomez, Colombia, 4,214. 4, Dan MacLelland, Canada, 4,129. 5, Steve Smith, United States, 4,022. 6, Ernesto Franco, Mexico, 4,001. 7, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, 3,955. 8, Alberto Lizano, Costa Rica, 3,843.

(Top 8; 18 games)

1, Liz Johnson, United States, 4,264. 2, Sophia Granda, Guatemala, 3,932. 3, Paola Gomez, Colombia, 3,905. 4, Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, 3,859. 5, Karen Marcano, Venezuela, 3,776. 6, Aseret Zetter, Mexico, 3,705. 7, Thashaina Seraus, Aruba, 3,638. 8, Neishka Cardona, Puerto Rico, 3,628.