NBS renovations highlight new Reno deal

Agreement continues rotation of USBC Championships to Reno through 2030

ARLINGTON, Texas - The National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., will undergo a multi-million dollar renovation and upgrade as part of new agreement between the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) and the city of Reno.

Funding for the project comes from a publicly-approved, dedicated surcharge on hotel rooms in Reno.  RSCVA projects up to $15 million in upgrades to the National Bowling Stadium will take place as a result of the agreement. In consideration of this extraordinary public commitment to bowling, USBC will continue to bring the USBC Open and Women's Championships to the National Bowling Stadium in a regular rotation through the year 2030.

"The people of Reno have stepped up to make a tremendous commitment to bowling," USBC Executive Director Stu Upson said. "Public funding for sports venues is increasingly rare. For a city to invest millions of dollars to completely renovate and upgrade a stadium is an historic accomplishment."

The first phase of upgrades is planned for the 2013 Open Championships and includes 10 new Showcase Lanes on the first floor of the stadium. The lanes will be an expansion of the popular Showcase Lanes concept USBC introduced during this year's Open Championships in Baton Rouge, La.

"The Showcase Lanes will be an exciting feature for Open and Women's Championships bowlers to enjoy in the stadium next year," Upson said. "The expansion allows more coaching to be offered along with new side events in the stadium in a fun atmosphere separated from the more serious competition."

The other major upgrades planned for 2013 include enhancements of the stadium scoreboards and video displays in the venue. As part of the agreement, renovations of the National Bowling Stadium continue through 2018 and include:

* Squad room renovation and expansion
* Adjustment of stadium seating to create additional space for exhibits or vendors
* New restaurant
* Replacement of the 78 primary competition lanes
* Exterior renovations

"This agreement is a testament to the commitment of the city of Reno, our resort hotels, the RSCVA and those Nevada state legislators who have worked to continue Reno Tahoe USA's long-term relationship with the USBC," said RSCVA President and CEO Christopher Baum. "We are delighted that the USBC has officially agreed to keep the National Bowling Stadium in Reno as its home away from home."

As part of the new agreement USBC will bring a total of 10 championship tournaments to the stadium from 2019 through 2030. USBC has the flexibility to determine scheduling of when events come to the stadium in future years.

"Schedule flexibility is a key part of this agreement," Upson said. "Reno is a popular destination for bowlers, but seeing variety in host cities is important, too. USBC does not plan to schedule the Open or Women's Championships in the same city in back-to-back years after 2015. The 2015 Open Championships will be hosted by El Paso, Texas, while 2017 and 2018 are out for bid. We are also in talks with other destination cities about multi-year agreements for future championships."

Reno will host both the Open and Women's Championships in 2013 and 2014. The Open Championships will take place in the National Bowling Stadium, while the Women's Championships will be held on specially-constructed lanes inside the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. The 2016 Open Championships and 2018 Women's Championships already were scheduled for the National Bowling Stadium as part of a previous agreement.

For more information on the USBC Open Championships and Women's Championships, visit BOWL.com/tournaments.