Association Operations - Feb. 24

Future eNews contests   
As stated in last week’s eNews, we will be running a series of contests with great prizes to be given away. Each week, a question will be asked about the previous week’s issue of the eNews. Individuals with the correct answer will automatically be entered to win the prize designated for that month. The more correct answers you submit, the more chances you have of winning that month’s prize.

Please look for your first question in next week's e-News.

Association websites and copyright infringement
Associations should assume that content on the Internet (photographs, text, clip art, charts), whether marked with a © symbol or not, may be protected by copyright and therefore should not be used without a license or permission from the copyright owner. Failure to obtain permission or a license before copying or using such content can result in liability that can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages for the association. Play it safe and do not copy content from the Internet for your association website.

If your association is contacted by someone demanding payment for a copyright infringement, please notify your regional manager. It would be helpful for us to know how often this is happening and how many associations it is affecting. If you need contact information for your regional manager, click here.

2011 Jamborees
Jamboree season is approaching quickly. Jamborees are a great chance for state associations to get together and have a USBC representative work with them. State associations that have not already done so, please fill out a Jamboree Speaker Request Form. To request the form, e-mail All speaker request forms must be turned in no later than April 1 and USBC will do its best to accommodate all speaker requests.

For any state associations that are not hosting a Jamboree, or are hosting one but are not requesting a USBC representative, please send an e-mail to to confirm that decision.

2012 USBC Convention
For those trying to get an early start on planning tournaments and events for next year, the 2012 USBC Convention tentatively will be held in Arlington, Texas, the latter part of April. Please understand that no contracts have been signed at this time and the location and dates still could change.

Printable certificates available on
New, updated printable certificates are now available on These certificates feature sleek, modern designs in which you can add the bowler’s name and date they accomplished their achievement.

Certificates are available for conversions of the 7-10 split or the big four, as well as an all-spare game, Dutch 200 game, triplicate, 100 pins over average, multiple 300 games in a season, multiple 800 series in a season or defeating your bowling coach.

Please inform your league secretaries and tournament managers about the certificates so they can award them to their bowlers if they choose.

If you are reviewing this online but are not receiving in your e-mail inbox, please contact