Association Operations - Feb. 10, 2011
Association Operations e-NEWS

Enhancements to Youth Processing System
More enhancements have been made to the Youth Processing System and were pushed live early this week. The enhancements:

  • Officer entry: Modifies the process by adding a search functionality to the “League Officers” screen (similar to the search in add/edit bowler).
  • League dates: When activating leagues, the user should be able to enter the league start and end dates without using the calendar.
  • Location will auto populate based on zip code entered.
  • Future dates can no longer be entered for awards.
  • All Bowlers, All Awards report will now generate a report for “All Leagues”.
  • If an average is specified for a bowler, Remove League Bowler will no longer be an option.
  • National ID numbers with a prefix of 10 will be excluded in person searches.
  • Award button has been disabled for a bowler with an invalid membership.

Association websites
This is a word of warning for any and all associations that have a website. It has come to our attention that an association received a letter from an attorney, along with a bill for more than $3,000, for using copyrighted and trademarked graphic images on their website.

The association used what they thought were “public domain” images as they did not have any indication the images were protected. There were no “marks” or symbols indicating any of the images were registered. It is no longer necessary to show a mark on pictures or graphics.

Research has found there are actually internet companies whose sole purpose is to track these images and see that anyone using them is charged for their use.

The association is trying to work out the issue with this company, but it would be a good business practice if each association took a look at their website to determine if there are any images that could get them into trouble. If you don’t operate the website, check with your webmaster and be assured you are in compliance.

US Bowler and Championships event guides now on
The February edition of US Bowler as well as past issues now are available on the homepage of To access them, click here and go to the second box titled Inside USBC.

In addition, the Open and Women’s Championships event guides are now on Included in these guides are check-in instructions and tips for bowlers and team captains alike. Please be sure to pass this information along to your bowlers. For associations that have a website, please put a link on it for your bowlers to have access.

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Super Bowl winner
Congratulations to Jim Nanneman of Southern Lake USBC for being closest to the Super Bowl score last week. Jim will receive a prize pack courtesy of USBC.

Do you want to win a USBC prize pack? We have another opportunity this week. Just send an e-mail to Mike Donahue. In the subject line ONLY, type who you think will win the USBC Masters and the winning score of the live ESPN televised finals this Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. The person with the winner and the score closest to the actual winning score will win the prize pack. This contest is limited to one entry per association official.