Storm wins Manufacturers Cup

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WeberManuCupInsideCHICAGO –
Reigning U.S. Open champ Pete Weber and teammate Jason Belmonte started the championship match with six strikes and held on to edge Brunswick’s Chris Loschetter and Sean Rash, 244-233, to win the Professional Bowlers Association Manufacturers Cup to conclude the GEICO PBA Summer Shootout at 10pin bowling lounge.

The Baker doubles finals of the sixth annual PBA summer series aired Sunday on ESPN. Weber, Belmonte and teammate Osku Palermaa shared a $45,000 first prize.

Despite their perfect start in the title match, Weber and Belmonte couldn’t break away from the Brunswick duo. Rash and Loschetter followed Rash’s first-frame spare with their own string of five strikes to stay within 10 pins. After both teams converted single-pin spares in the seventh frame, Loschetter and Rash took the lead with back-to-back strikes while Weber and Belmonte posted back-to-back single-pin spares.

Weber’s seven-count spare in the 10th frame left the door open for Brunswick to lock up the title, but Loschetter left the 3-4-6-7 split on his first shot in the final frame and failed to convert the spare.

“As soon as I let it go, I knew it was bad,” Weber said of his shot in the 10th frame. “The main thing I had to do was forget about it, concentrate on making the spare and then fill the frame with a strike. As I’m getting older, I’m getting better at putting bad shots behind me and not dwelling on them as much as I used to.

‘I had to keep in the back of my mind that anything can happen, that it wasn’t over,” Weber added. “(Loschetter) threw a bad shot but it was a split he could have picked up. Sometimes you’d rather be lucky than good, and this was one of those days.”

“The cruel but beautiful thing about being the top qualifier is that it can be a curse or a blessing because it’s only one game that determines your fate,” Belmonte said. “You don’t have the benefit of experiencing competition on the TV pair. Our strategy throughout the tournament was to pick the lane that we felt comfortable with and stick with it, and that’s what helped us match up our equipment with this surface.”

LoschManuCupInsideLoschetter was understandably distraught over his 10th frame misfortune, but Rash refused to let his teammate take the blame.

“We made one bad shot as a group and it wasn’t Chris that did it,” Rash said. “It was a team effort. We bowled great. We had a chance to win, but we were one shot short.”

After qualifying third for the finals, Rash and Loschetter defeated Track’s Mika Koivuniemi and Mike Fagan, 256-235, and 900 Global’s Missy Parkin and Brian Voss, 235-184, to advance to the championship match. Koivuniemi and Fagan eliminated Columbia 300’s Dan MacLelland and Chris Barnes, 236-222, in the opening match after the Columbia 300 players won the Eliminator Doubles Shootout round to claim the fifth spot in the stepladder finals.

All GEICO PBA Summer Shootout shows will re-air on ESPN2 (Saturday, July 21, at 4 p.m.; Saturday, July 28 at 3 p.m.; Saturday, Aug. 4 at 12:30 p.m., and Sunday, Aug. 5 at 3 p.m.). All times are Eastern.


10pin bowling lounge, Chicago, final
(Points per round: first place 12 points, second 8, third 7, fourth-sixth 5, seventh-ninth 2)

One-Shot, Low-Man-Out Singles Elimination Format

Round 1: 1, Ryan Ciminelli, Brunswick. 2, Ronnie Russell, DV8. 3, Osku Palermaa, Storm. 4th-6th - Jason Couch, Ebonite; Bill O’Neill, Hammer; Brian Voss, 900 Global. 7th-9th - Brian Kretzer, Roto Grip; Dan MacLelland, Columbia 300; Mike Fagan, Track.

Round 2: 1, Chris Barnes, Columbia 300. 2, Mike Machuga, DV8. 3, Tommy Jones, Ebonite. 4th-6th – Mika Koivuniemi, Track; Pete Weber, Storm; Missy Parkin, 900 Global. 7th-9th – Sean Rash, Brunswick; Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Roto Grip; Mike Wolfe, Ebonite.

Round 3: 1, Couch, Ebonite. 2, Robert Smith, 900 Global. 3, O’Neill, Hammer. 4th-6th – Wes Malott, Roto Grip; Jason Belmonte, Storm; Brian Valenta, DV8. 7th-9th – MacLelland, Columbia 300; Ciminelli, Brunswick; Fagan, Track.

Round 4: 1, Weber, Storm. 2, Kretzer, Roto Grip. 3, Chris Loschetter, Brunswick. 4th-6th – Wolfe, Ebonite; Russell, DV8; Barnes, Columbia 300. 7th-9th – Koivuniemi, Track; Parkin, 900 Global; Jones, Ebonite.

Round 5: 1, Belmonte, Storm. 2, Rash, Brunswick. 3, Smith, 900 Global. 4th-6th – Machuga, DV8; O’Neill, Hammer; Fagan, Track. 7th-9th – Malott, Roto Grip; Couch, Ebonite; MacLelland, Columbia 300.

One-Shot, Low-Team-Out Doubles Elimination Format
Round 6: 1, Malott/Kretzer, Roto Grip. 2, Voss/Smith, 900 Global. 3, Koivuniemi/Fagan. 4th-6th – Couch/Jones, Ebonite; Machuga/Russell, DV8; MacLelland/Barnes, Columbia 300. 7th-9th – Wolfe/O’Neill, Hammer; Belmonte/Weber, Storm; Rash/Ciminelli, Brunswick.

Round 7: 1, Weber/Belmonte, Storm. 2, MacLelland/Barnes, Columbia 300. 3, Koivuniemi/Fagan, Track. 4th-6th – Couch/Jones, Ebonite; Parkin/Smith, 900 Global; Rash/Loschetter, Brunswick. 7th-9th – Russell/Machuga, DV8; Malott/Kretzer, Roto Grip; Wolfe/O’Neill, Hammer.

Round 8: 1, Koivuniemi/Fagan, Track. 2, Parkin/Smith, 900 Global. 3, Palermaa/Belmonte, Storm. 4th-6th – Jones/Couch, Ebonite; Malott/Kretzer, Roto Grip; Ciminelli/Rash, Brunswick. 7th-9th – MacLelland/Barnes, Columbia 300; O’Neill/Wolfe, Ebonite; Valenta/Machuga, DV8.

Round 9: 1, Ciminelli/Rash, Brunswick. 2, Weber/Palermaa, Storm. 3, MacLelland/Barnes, Columbia 300. 4th-6th – Koivuniemi/Fagan, Track; Machuga/Russell, DV8; Malott/Dorin-Ballard, Roto Grip. 7th-9th – Parkin/Voss, 900 Global; Wolfe/O’Neill, Hammer; Couch/Jones, Ebonite.

Round 10 (Position Round): 1, Parkin/Voss, 900 Global. 2, Malott/Dorin-Ballard, Roto Grip. 3, Weber/Belmonte, Storm. 4th-6th – Koivuniemi/Fagan, Track; Ciminelli/Rash, Brunswick; Wolfe/O’Neill, Hammer. 7th-9th – Russell/Machuga, DV8; MacLelland/Barnes, Columbia 300; Jones/Couch, Ebonite.

Final Manufacturers Cup Qualifying Standings (after 10 rounds; top four teams advance to stepladder finals; bottom five advance to Eliminator Doubles Shootout round): 1, Storm 77. 2, 900 Global 62. 3, Brunswick 60. 4, Track 52. 5, Roto Grip 51. 6 (tie), Columbia 300, Ebonite and DV8 47. 9, Hammer 37.

Eliminator Doubles Shootout (winner advances to stepladder finals):
1, MacLelland/Barnes, Columbia 300. 2, Malott/Dorin-Ballard, Roto Grip, $13,000. 3, Jones/Couch, Ebonite, $12,000. 4, Machuga/Russell, DV8, $11,000. 5, Wolfe/O’Neill, Hammer, $10,000.

Stepladder Finals Match One (two-game Baker Doubles):
#4 Koivuniemi/Fagan, Track, def. #5 MacLelland/Barnes, Columbia 300 ($15,000), 236-222.

Stepladder Finals Match Two (two-game Baker Doubles):
#3 Loschetter/Rash, Brunswick, def. #4 Koivuniemi/Fagan, Track ($20,000), 256-235.

Stepladder Finals Semifinal Match (two-game Baker Doubles):
#3 Loschetter/Rash, Brunswick, def. #2 Parkin/Voss, 900 Global ($25,000), 235-184.

Stepladder Finals Championship Match (two-game Baker Doubles):
#1 Weber/Belmonte, Storm ($45,000) def. #3 Rash/Loschetter, Brunswick ($30,000), 244-233