McNiel wins Open

McNielSumDUBUQUE, IA – Matt McNiel of Prior Lake, Minn., won the Open Sunday at Cherry Lanes in Dubuque, IA.

McNiel, of USBC Open Championships fame, defeated Shannon Buchan of Waterloo, IA., 447-403 in the final two-game championship match. McNiel started the match with the hot hand by firing a 256 game. Buchan could only manage 178.

“It was really special because of the field I had to beat,” McNiel said. “The lane pattern was very demanding and you had to make so many good shots over and over again to compete in the very strong field. There were so many great bowlers with great achievements participating this weekend. That in itself, made it special to me and made me see that the hard work I've been putting in on my game is paying off. I'd like to thank 900 Global for making such amazing bowling equipment that rolls so well for me.”

The tournament pattern designed at a ratio of 1.8 to 1 by host, Bob Hochrein, resulted in a very low scoring pace.

“I thought the live-streaming was awesome! My friends and family back home got to watch me bowl throughout the entire tournament. All of the texts and Facebook posts made me feel very special. Also, hats off to Bob Hochrein and his staff for doing a great job at a simply beautiful facility."

In the semifinal match, Buchan defeated John Brockland of St. Charles, Mo., 427-327, to advance to the championship match.

Cherry Lanes, Dubuque, IA. Sunday

Championship Match (2 Game Total Pins)

Matt McNiel, Prior Lake, Minn. ($4,000) def. Shannon Buchan, Waterloo, IA., ($2,000), 447-403.

Semifinal Match (2 Game Total Pins)
Buchan def. John Brockland, St. Charles, Mo., ($1,500), 427-327.

Round Robin Match-Play

1st Place - Matt McNiel +852 (Advance)
2nd Place - Shannon Buchan +594 (Advance)
3rd Place - John Brockland +337 (Advance)
4th Place - Brad Miller +283 ($1,000)
5th Place - Brad Snell +251 ($750)
6th Place - Greg Thomas +232 ($500)
7th Place - Derek Eoff +82 ($400)
8th Place - Andy Millls +49 ($350)
9th Place - Jason Wojnar +23 ($340)
10th Place- Quinton Bohlen -1 ($330)
11th Place - Matt Tomsu -30 ($320)
11th Place - Chad Kloss - 30 ($310)
13th Place - Dan Lemiesz -50 ($300)
14th Place - Greg Pizl - 122 ($290)
15th Place - Brian Burkhardt -171 ($280)
16th Place - Thomas York -438 ($270)

Other Cashers
17th Place - Brett Cunningham ($260)
18th Place - Jeff Richgels ($250)
19th Place - Tony Oliva ($240)
20th Place - Daniel Spink ($230)
21st Place - Don Breedon ($220)
22nd Place - TIE - Emily Huddleston & Bryan Roth ($105 Ea.)