ITRC will have live TV capacity

This Sunday, bowling fans will have the opportunity to watch Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour bowlers Wes Malott, Bill O'Neil, Rhino Page and Thomas Smallwood battle for a major title during the finals of the PBA World Championship, which will be broadcast live from Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kan., at 1 p.m. ET on ESPN.

What these fans probably don't know is that, in the near future, this type of exciting bowling action will be sent their way directly from the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas. That's because the International Training and Research Center, one of the campus's most highly-anticipated features, has been designed to host live televised finals broadcasts of select bowling events.

At least six of the ITRC's 20 lanes will be called upon during various stages of tournament play, but lanes seven and eight have been designated the championship pair; that designation was based on the pair's Brunswick Pro Lane surface and the ability to surround it with ample seating for spectators.

Currently, the ITRC is scheduled to serve as host for the televised finals of the 2010 U.S. Women's Open, PBA Women's Series Showdown and PBA Experience Showdown, but, according to USBC Vice President of Media Pete Tredwell, that is just the beginning.

"Right now, we have three outstanding events on the ITRC broadcast schedule, but we certainly do not plan on stopping there,” Tredwell said. "Going forward, we will look to take advantage of every reasonable opportunity to host and broadcast events from the ITRC.

"The International Bowling Campus will be the launch site that directs the bowling industry into the future. It's only fitting that the sport's greatest events are contested and greatest champions crowned on these grounds."

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