Dominican Republic team, Rangers visit

ARLINGTON, Texas – The Dominican Republic national bowling team’s recent trip to the International Training and Research Center provided an unexpected surprise.

Before attending a Texas Rangers baseball game, the Dominican team received a special greeting from more than half dozen of the Rangers Dominican stars including Vladimir Guerrero, Nelson Cruz, Julio Borbon, Neftali Feliz and Frank Francisco.

“We are baseball fans in the Dominican Republic,” Dominican bowler Aumi Guerra said. “It’s our thing, so it’s very exciting.”

The Rangers’ players welcomed Dominican bowlers with smiles, hugs and high fives.  They also expressed admiration for the national team’s success in international competition as well as their own interest in bowling.

“It’s exciting to see Dominicans doing the sport and being able to know that they play it so well, we are happy for them,” Borbon said. “I have always enjoyed bowing, it’s really fun. It’s one of those things I do to kind of get away from baseball.”

Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz said it was a treat to spend time with fellow Dominicans and looks forward to doing some bowling himself.

“They look good. I didn’t know they had that big a team in the Domincan Republic,” Cruz said. “I like bowling I go there as much as I can.  I’m OK, I do pretty well.”

Following the reception the Dominican bowlers received another surprise when they were interviewed on live television as guests during the Fox Sports broadcast of the game.

The International Bowling Campus is located in central entertainment district of Arlington just steps away from Rangers Ballpark, Cowboys Stadium and Six Flags.  The Dominican team learned that a visit to the campus always has the potential for more than bowling.

“That is the most amazing experience I have had in my life. I didn’t expect this,” Dominican bowler Victor Richards said. “I got to meet all my favorite players. This week has been awesome and this experience made it more awesome.”

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