Approach position for entry-level bowlers

By Bob Learn Jr.
USBC Coaching Specialist

Most beginning bowlers stand in the middle of the approach, look at the pins and try to roll the ball down the center of the lane. That's not a bad way to go, but there is a better strategy you can use. The approach has a set of dots that line up with the arrows on the lane. Learning to use these markers will help you become more consistent.

If you're a right-handed bowler, I would suggest standing to the right of the big dot in the middle of the approach and trying to use the second arrow from the right as a targeting point. If you're left-handed, stand just left of center and throw toward the second arrow from the left. If you consistently find yourself missing the head pin to the gutter side, simply move both feet a few boards closer to the gutter after each shot until you're lined up properly.

This process will get you lined up and have you hitting the head pin with much greater consistency. That will lead to more pins, higher scores and more fun.