Santiago, Wyandt lead at 2010 ISC

Jessica Santiago of Webber International and Ryan Wyandt of Penn State-Berks were the top qualifiers during Monday's United States Bowling Congress Intercollegiate Singles Championships being held at AMF Euless Lanes in Euless, Texas.

Santiago, who rolled a 300 game in the last game of qualifying, led the 16-player women's field with a 2,449 total (204 average). Wyandt had a total pinfall of 2,487 (207 average) to lead the men's 16-player division.

All participants advance to Tuesday's single-elimination match-play bracket. Match play will consist of best-of-five games until a champion is determined. All qualifying and match-play rounds will be broadcast live on

Santiago was tied for seventh after the six-game morning block but posted games of 188, 212, 214, 192, 230 and 300 in the afternoon session.

"I was pretty lost at the beginning but then I found the line on the outside of the lane," Santiago said. "The last six games I was just trying to throw the ball the best I could."

Her perfect game allowed her to overtake Erin McCarthy of Nebraska-Lincoln as the top qualifier. It was the first perfect game of Santiago's career.

"I wasn't that nervous the first two in the 10th but the last ball, my hand was shaking," Santiago said.

Wyandt started the morning session with a 154 game but still managed to be in fourth place after the morning round. He then had a 252 and a 258 in the afternoon block to take the lead.

"To be perfectly honest, it is rather surprising considering how I started," Wyandt said. "But I knew it's not one game, it is a marathon. Even if you throw one bad game, you still have to keep at it and not come down on yourself."

Wyandt said the best thing he did all day was to not look at the scoring monitor. Instead, he focused on his bowling.

"I just wanted to get into the byes so I can sleep in a little later," he said. "It's very shocking and it feels great to be leading it."

Monday's top four qualifiers earned byes into Round 3 while the fifth through eighth qualifiers earned first-round byes. The competition resumes at 7:40 a.m. (Central) Tuesday with the first round of match play.

The 16 men and 16 women earned their way into the tournament through four sectional qualifying events held in March. The top four qualifiers at each sectional advanced to the national event.

(At AMF Euless Lanes, Euless, Texas; all times Central)
Monday's Results

Men's qualifying results (12 games)

1. Ryan Wyandt, Penn State-Berks, 2,487
2. Kyle Keegan, RIT, 2,455
3. Jacob Kent, Erie CC, 2,411
4. Adam Corder, George Mason, 2,386
5. Logan Mills, Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2,371
6. Michael Snell, Nebraska-Lincoln, 2,369
7. Sean Rangel, William Penn, 2,346
8. Joseph Steiner, Saginaw Valley State, 2,336
9. Michael Conn, Bellarmine, 2,333
10. John Szczerbinski, Wichita State, 2,318
11. Casey Albert, California-Davis, 2,313
12. Christopher Bardol, Robert Morris (Ill.), 2,288
13. Joel Klaas, Purdue, 2,258
14. Brandon Allred, Nevada-Las Vegas, 2,250
15. EJ Parks, Lindenwood, 2,249
16. Justin Thompson, Kansas, 2,192

Women's qualifying results (12 games)
1. Jessica Santiago, Webber International, 2,449
2. Erin McCarthy, Nebraska-Lincoln, 2,402
3. Esther Cheah, Nebraska-Lincoln, 2,351
4. Kimberly Yioulos, Pikeville, 2,346
5. Lori Hanken, McKendree, 2,331
6. Samantha Macina, Central Florida, 2,325
7. Heather D'Errico, Robert Morris (Ill.), 2,280
8. Kaidee Sutphin, Central Florida, 2,259
9. Stephanie Martins, Webber International, 2,252
10. Amanda Greene, Lindenwood, 2,246
11. Brittney Hendrickson, CSU-Fresno, 2,210
12. Dori Jaffess, Arizona State , 2,171
13. Jenn Boisselle, Central Florida, 2,148
14. Christina Oschman, Bellarmine, 2,140
15. Danielle Knittle, Penn State-University Park, 2,120
16. Erin Chambers, Robert Morris-Peoria, 2,034

Tuesday, May 18
7:40-9:15 a.m.. Round 1 match play (best of five)
9:25-11 a.m.. Round 2 match play (best of five)
12:10-1:45 p.m.. Round 3 match play (best of five)
1:55-3:30 p.m.. Semifinals (best of five)
3:40-5:15 p.m.. Finals (best of five)

Men's match-play schedule
Match 1: Michael Conn, Bellarmine vs. Justin Thompson, Kansas
Match 2: Christopher Bardol, Robert Morris (Ill.) vs. Joel Klaas, Purdue
Match 3: Casey Albert, California-Davis vs. Brandon Allred, Nevada-Las Vegas
Match 4: John Szczerbinski, Wichita State vs. EJ Parks, Lindenwood

Match 5: Joseph Steiner, Saginaw Valley State vs. Match 1 winner
Match 6: Logan Mills, Michigan-Ann Arbor vs. Match 2 winner
Match 7: Michael Snell, Nebraska-Lincoln vs. Match 3 winner
Match 8: Sean Rangel, William Penn vs. Match 4 winner

Match 9: Ryan Wyandt, Penn State-Berks vs. Match 5 winner
Match 10: Adam Corder, George Mason vs. Match 6 winner
Match 11: Jacob Kent, Erie CC vs. Match 7 winner
Match 12: Kyle Keegan, RIT vs. Match 8 winner

Match 9 vs. Match 10 winner
Match 11 vs. Match 12 winner
Semifinal winners

Women's match-play schedule
Match 1: Stephanie Martins, Webber Int'l vs. Erin Chambers, Robert Morris-Peoria
Match 2: Dori Jaffess, Arizona State vs. Jenn Boisselle, Central Florida
Match 3: Brittney Hendrickson, CSU-Fresno vs. Christina Oschman, Bellarmine
Match 4: Amanda Greene, Lindenwood vs. Danielle Knittle, Penn State-University Park

Match 5: Kaidee Sutphin, Central Florida vs. Match 1
Match 6: Lori Hanken, McKendree vs. Match 2
Match 7: Samantha Macina, Central Florida vs. Match 3
Match 8: Heather D'Errico, Robert Morris (Ill.) vs. Match 4

Match 9: Jessica Santiago, Webber International vs. Match 5
Match 10: Kimberly Yioulos, Pikeville vs. Match 6
Match 11: Esther Cheah, Nebraska-Lincoln vs. Match 7
Match 12: Erin McCarthy, Nebraska-Lincoln vs. Match 8

Match 9 vs. Match 10 winner
Match 11 vs. Match 12 winner
Semifinal winners