Junior Team USA members impressed with ITRC

Members of 2010 Junior Team USA had the chance to train at the International Training and Research Center during a camp held this week at the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas.

The training camp for the 20-member Junior Team USA started May 23 and team members were impressed with the new facilities.

"I think it's an incredible facility," said Chris Bardol, who captured the Intercollegiate Singles Championship on May 18. "The technology is quite amazing; I almost think it's too much for us right now."

Andrew Koff, who won the PBA South Region Jupiter Lanes Open on May 16, also liked the chance to train at the ITRC.

"This is probably the coolest place I've ever been with the technology," Koff said. "There's no other bowling center like it. It's an amazing place."

Brittni Hamilton, who is on Junior Team USA for the second consecutive year, said having cameras on the lanes helped her to analyze her swing with Team USA coaches.

"I'm a very visual learner," Hamilton said. "So having the coaches actually show me on videotape what I'm doing wrong definitely helps out a lot."

The Team USA coaching staff, led by head coach Rod Ross and assistant head coach Kim Terrell-Kearney, had the team for five days.

"I think most of what we learned is more team aspects - how to communicate, different ways to play the lanes together," Bardol said. "We got here for a reason and it's nice to be able to communicate with people who can communicate at the same level."