Choosing lane conditions for advanced bowlers

By Bob Learn Jr.
USBC Coaching Specialist

Bowling well on house shots is great, but if you're going to truly know where you stand in the ranks of competitive bowling, you need to step up to the challenge of USBC Sport Bowling lane conditions.

USBC Sport Bowling lane conditions, which include the PBA Experience lane patterns, represent the most challenging playing field the sport of bowling has to offer. In order to bowl well in this demanding environment, you will need to operate with a high level of accuracy, consistency and determination.

If you are new to Sport Bowling lane conditions, you most likely will experience at least a few growing pains as you familiarize yourself with the demands of each pattern. One tip I offer is to pay special attention to your break-point down the lane, probably even more attention than you pay to your target at the arrows. As a general rule, the longer the oil pattern, the closer your break-point will need to be to the head pin. The shorter the oil pattern, the further outside your break-point can be.

Remember, high scores are great, but if nearly every bowler in the league is shooting them, how much are they really worth? USBC Sport Bowling lane conditions truly separate the best from the rest. Step up to the challenge, and see just how good you really are.