Tips for the New Year for intermediate bowlers

Bryan O'Keefe
USBC Coaching Specialist

You made the commitment to learn about the game and become a better bowler, and you think you are headed in the right direction. So what can you do to make sure you keep progressing?

For the New Year, you should look to set a few goals for yourself. These goals do not have to be based on scoring, but can be anything relating to your game. Maybe it is learning how to communicate with teammates during league play so your team performs better, or making sure you concentrate on the shot at hand and not let past mistakes negatively affect you.

Another resolution would be to set aside at least one hour a week for practice and have a plan going into the practice. You could spend half an hour shooting at just the corner pins or working on your footwork. Keep it simple, just one or two things, so you don't overwhelm yourself.