Changes to SMART in 2013

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ARLINGTON, Texas - Participants and providers in SMART, the scholarship management program for youth bowlers, will notice some changes to the program's online portal in 2013. The changes are designed to strengthen the program and enhance functionality.

Effective January 2013, recipients will see scholarship awards displayed in their SMART account as points rather than dollars, with one point equal to five dollars. The value of all scholarships remains the same, and the points will be converted to dollars when a recipient requests the use of funds.

"Parents, students and providers can be assured their funds are safe and the reporting change to points will not affect scholarship amounts," SMART Corporation Board Chairman Wally Hall said. "This reporting change strengthens the SMART program by better aligning with standards of athletic associations across the country.

"We received valuable counsel from educators and industry leaders in states such as Illinois and Michigan in making these adjustments. The changes will allow more young people to benefit from SMART while protecting athletic eligibility."

A complete list of adjustments and answers to many questions can be found at

"The SMART Board is pleased to provide this enhanced design and functionality for the program's website portal," Hall said. "We want to thank the users of SMART in advance for their support of these changes as we are confident it will strengthen the program and improve the experience for those who use and trust SMART."

The United States Bowling Congress SMART (Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins) program began operation in 1994 as a service offering the bowling community a centralized location to manage bowling scholarship funds as well as providing USBC members with a resource for inquiries about bowling scholarships. In 2010, the SMART Bowling Scholarship Funding Corporation was created as an independent entity dedicated to the management, protection and promotion of the SMART scholarship funds.