Sport bowlers can win a PBA regional entry

ARLINGTON, Texas - The Professional Bowlers Association is giving United States Bowling Congress Sport bowling members the opportunity to earn a free entry into a PBA regional tournament through the PBA Experience Win-A-Spot promotion.

USBC has teamed with the PBA to award members of the winning team of PBA Experience leagues a paid entry into a PBA regional event. The offer is valid for PBA Experience leagues that started after Jan. 1, 2013, and end by December 31, 2013.

PBA Win-A-Spot2"This is a great incentive for bowlers to compete on the same lane conditions used in PBA competition," said Pete Tredwell, USBC Managing Director of Membership and Events. "If you have watched the PBA Tour on TV, the pros bowl on these same less-forgiving lane conditions. PBA Experience leagues are a fun challenge and can help bowlers of all levels improve their skills."

For proprietors and center managers, the PBA Experience Win-A-Spot promotion allows them to provide their bowlers a valuable award at no cost simply by starting a PBA Experience league.

To be eligible for the PBA Experience Win-A-Spot promotion, the PBA Experience league must have a minimum of eight teams and must bowl for a minimum of 12 weeks. The league also must follow all Sport Bowling guidelines outlined in the Sport Bowling technical manual, and the bowlers must be USBC Sport Bowling members in good standing.

Winners will be able to choose the PBA regional in which they want to participate, excluding Regional Players Invitational events and some selected PBA regional events. A maximum of three spots will be available for PBA Experience league winners at each approved PBA regional. Click here for complete rules.

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