Amigo Man joins media relations team in Reno

Hello everyone.

You already know us, but we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest compadre, Amigo Man.

AmigoMan2010ElPaso250x140Amigo Man comes to us from the great city of El Paso, Texas, which already is preparing to host the 2015 USBC Open Championships. He is the city's mascot, and one of his main responsibilities simply is to spread cheer. He even has his own Facebook page.

The USBC Women's Championships had an exciting run in Sun City in 2010, but the Open Championships is headed there for the first time. The locals sent Amigo Man our way to see what the tournament is all about, how it differs from the Women's Championships and what OC participants and their families like to do in a host city.

Our newest associate will be with us for the duration of the 2014 Open Championships at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev. He'll sit in on interviews, shadow employees in other departments, see the event as the bowlers do, visit the hotspots in town, take a look or two behind the scenes and more.

When we wrap things up in July, Amigo Man will head back to El Paso and let the people there know what it will take to make the tournament's first visit to El Paso a memorable one. He'll be there waiting to welcome the first of more than 50,000 bowlers and their families to El Paso when the 2015 tournament kicks off next March 7. Registration is open.

Stop by this year to say hello to Amigo Man or even get your picture taken with him. We'll post the best ones on the official USBC Open/Women's Championships Facebook page. Then, be sure to get signed up for next year's event in El Paso, where you can party with Amigo Man on his home turf.

Matt and Aaron 

Following Amigo Man's adventures in Reno:

Amigo Man is proud to have earned a spot in the June issue of Bowlers Journal.

AmigoArch_262x465 AmigoTruckee_262x465
Amigo Man wanted to get out of the office and take a tour of Reno.
His first stop was the famed Reno Arch, followed by a trip to the
Truckee River to feed the ducks.

AmigoEldo_262x465 AmigoSup_262x465
Amigo Man visits the fountain at Eldorado and grabs a
quick bite to eat at Sup in Midtown.

Amigo Man gives Midtown and his day out in the town a thumbs up.

Amigo Man was star struck but still asked Natalie for a picture. 

Natalie had a few minutes to give Amigo Man some tips.   

Just picking up a few souvenirs for the wife and kids. 

Anyone up for a joy ride at the NBS? 

Amigo Man tries to figure out the time clock.   

Don't forget your team photo or DVD ( 

Amigo Man welcomes you to the Storm Bowlers Journal Championships. 

Amigo Man wants in on the action. 

Amigo Man helps hand out scoresheets in Reno. 

Amigo Man gets initiated into the lane crew. 

The lane crew immediately puts Amigo Man to work. 

Aaron and Amigo Man enjoy the local Reno cuisine. 

Amigo Man interviews new leader Stefanie Johnson.

Lucas Wiseman told Amigo Man to try the new massage chairs.

Amigo Man looks for friends on the 2014 participation wall.

Matt and Amigo Man chat while waiting for the next squad to march.

Amigo Man gets loose on the stub lane in the squad room.

Amigo Man spreading cheer in the squad room. 

Visit El Paso in 2015.

Look out, Roger. Amigo Man is after your job.