TNBA celebrates 75th anniversary

ARLINGTON, Texas – The National Bowling Association celebrated its 75th anniversary during its national convention and tournament last week in the Detroit area.

TNBA, which was formed in August 1939 in Detroit to encourage black bowlers to develop their bowling skills, has more than 23,000 adult members and 3,000 youth members in more than 100 local senates throughout the country.

“The past week was a great time for our organization to reflect and celebrate its past, and to look toward the future,” TNBA President Gregory Green said. “TNBA and USBC share many goals, such as creating more opportunities for youth bowlers. Working together we can build a stronger bowling community.”

TNBA Week included the inductions of three members into the TNBA Hall of Fame:

Jesse L. Fondren, who was a TNBA member for more than 57 years and served as the TNBA National Election Committee Chairperson for 28 years, was posthumously inducted for Meritorious Service.

Jimmy Hicks, a TNBA member since 1964 and convention delegate for more than 40 years, also was inducted for Meritorious Service for his years of work with the Akron Bowling Senate.

Ron Holt, who has won numerous titles during his career including the Eastern Bill Rhodman Singles Classic (twice) and the Reed-Hawthorne Singles Classic Senior title, was inducted for Superior Performance.

TNBA Week also included the TNBA Annual Convention, which was attended by USBC Interim Executive Director Chad Murphy who addressed the assembly exhibiting enthusiasm for a continued partnership of USBC and TNBA.

“TNBA has many outstanding tournaments and programs that promote and teach the sport of bowling,” Murphy said. “It was great to take part in the celebration of TNBA’s history and we look forward to continuing the strong relationship between USBC and TNBA.”

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