Four teams remain unbeaten

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Four teams are still unbeaten after the opening day of match play at the 2011 United States Bowling Congress Intercollegiate Team Championships.

Three-time defending champion Wichita State and Webber International won all three of their matches at AMF Peach Lanes to remain undefeated on the men's side. For the women, NCAA champions Maryland Eastern Shore and Lindenwood finished with a perfect record to reach Saturday's semifinal round.

All four teams need to win just one match in the semifinals to advance to the finals, scheduled to begin at approximately 2 p.m. Eastern, Saturday. The championship matches will air tape-delayed on ESPN2 on May 15 at 2 p.m. Eastern.

Wichita State, looking for its 11th national title, moved into the semifinals by defeating Fresno State, 4-3. The Shockers will take on Fresno State again Saturday morning. The other semifinal features Webber International against Robert Morris-Illinois.

"This thing is far from complete," Wichita State men's coach Gordon Vadakin said. "It's very easy for a team to get hot because that's the nature of this tournament."

On the women's side, Maryland Eastern Shore defeated Robert Morris-Illinois, 4-3, to lock up its spot in the semifinals against Central Florida. Lindenwood and Adelphi will battle in the other semifinal.

"We came in knowing that we had just won the NCAA title and were riding high," Maryland Eastern Shore coach Sharon Brumell said. "We had a little trouble making the right ball choices today, but we found it in the end when it counted."

The semifinal matches will be live streamed starting at 8 a.m. Eastern. Check out to catch all of the action.

(at AMF Peach Lanes, Columbus, Ga.)
Friday's Results
(Best-of-7, double-elimination match play)


First Round
(1) Lindenwood def. (16) Davenport, 4-1
(8) Wichita State def. (9) Rochester Institute of Technology, 4-1
(12) Fresno State def. (5) Purdue, 4-3
(13) Toledo def. (4) Wright State
(2) Webber International def. (15) Morehead State, 4-0
(7) Saginaw Valley State def. (10) Calumet, 4-2
(6) Newman def. (11) Kansas, 4-1
(3) Robert Morris def. (14) Pikeville, 4-0

Second Round
Wichita State def. Lindenwood, 4-1
Fresno State def. Toledo, 4-2
Davenport def. Rochester Institute of Technology, 4-2
Purdue def. Wright State, 4-2
Morehead State def. Calumet, 4-3
Kansas def. Pikeville, 4-3
Webber International def. Saginaw Valley State, 4-1
Robert Morris def. Newman, 4-0

Third Round
Wichita State def. Fresno State, 4-3
Webber International def. Robert Morris-Illinois, 4-3
Morehead State def. Newman, 4-2
Kansas def. Saginaw Valley State, 4-2
Davenport def. Toledo, 4.5-0.5
Purdue def. Lindenwood, 4-3

Fourth Round
Davenport def. Purdue, 4-2
Morehead def. Kansas, 4-2

Fifth Round
Robert Morris-Illinois def. Morehead State, 4-2
Fresno State def. Davenport, 4-2


First Round
(16) Newman def. (1) Central Florida, 4-1
(9) Robert Morris-Illinois def. (8) Wisconsin-Whitewater, 4-3
(5) Maryland Eastern Shore def. (12) Pikeville, 4-1
(4) Kutztown def. (13) Bellarmine, 4-1
(2) McKendree def. (15) West Texas A&M, 4.5-1.5
(7) Webber International def. (10) Adelphi, 4-0
(11) Lindenwood def. (6) Florida State, 4-0
(3) Wichita State def. (14) Midland, 4-1

Second Round
Robert Morris def. Newman, 4-1
Maryland Eastern Shore def. Kutztown, 4-3
McKendree def. Webber International, 4-3
Lindenwood def. Wichita State, 4-3
Central Florida def. Wisconsin-Whitewater, 4-0
Pikeville def. Bellarmine, 4-3
Adelphi def. West Texas A&M, 4-2
Florida State def. Midland, 4-2

Third Round
Maryland Eastern Shore def. Robert Morris-Illinois, 4-3
Lindenwood def. McKendree, 4-3
Central Florida def. Kutztown, 4-2
Pikeville def. Newman, 4-0
Adelphi def. Wichita State, 4-3
Webber International def. Florida State, 4-1

Fourth Round
Central Florida def. Pikeville, 4-0
Adelphi def. Webber International, 4-2

Fifth Round
Central Florida def. Robert Morris, 4-0
Adelphi def. McKendree, 4-2

Saturday's Pairings

(Best-of-seven, double-elimination match play)


Wichita State vs. Fresno State (if Wichita State loses, a second semifinal is necessary)
Webber International vs. Robert Morris-Illinois (if Webber International loses, a second semifinal is necessary)

Maryland Eastern Shore vs. Central Florida (if Maryland Eastern Shore loses, a second semifinal is necessary)
Lindenwood vs. Adelphi (if Lindenwood loses, a second semifinal is necessary)

(Best-of-three, single-elimination)

Men's championship, 2 p.m. Eastern
Women's championship, immediately following the men's final