Side Tournaments
The Bowlers Journal Championships presented by USBC and The Forty Frame Game give competitive bowlers of all skill levels the chance to get a few more games in and potentially earn some additional prize money.

Both events have a variety of divisions and side events to make it fun and exciting for everyone.

The 2016 Bowlers Journal Championships will be held on the Showcase Lanes on the fourth floor of the National Bowling Stadium, and The Forty Frame Game will be held downstairs inside the Kingpin Club.
The Forty Frame Game 

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Bowlers Journal Championships presented by USBC

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2016 - Flier | Rules | Lane condition | Standings
New for 2016, there are $5 brackets and a Survivor-Mini-Eliminator option at the Bowlers Journal Championships.

Brackets are day-long. Bowlers on the three "fresh-oil" squads only will compete against bowlers from other fresh-oil squads, while bowlers from the two "burn" squads only will compete against other burn-squad bowlers. Bowlers can enter up to 10 per day, and payout will take place the following day at the BJ tournament desk. Winners will earn $25, and second place will pay $10.

The Survivor-Mini-Eliminator will be a yearlong product and include 16 bowlers, randomly assigned at the conclusion of the event in July. Game 1 scores will determine the eight bowlers who advance. After Game 2, four bowlers will remain. All four bowlers will cash, with the Game 3 score determining the finishing order. Bowlers can enter up to 10 for $10 each, with the payout being $60, $40, $25 and $20 for the four finalists, respectively.

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